The Dance

Joan 'Jonni' Ross ran, her legs pumping and heart racing as she barreled down the sandy track. Her short black hair fell into the slim young woman's brown eyes as she pushed into a final effort, racing by the manager as she heard the stopwatch click. She half ran, half staggered to a stop, gasping as she bent forward her hands resting on her sweat slick knees.

"Way to go Jonni," the team's unofficial manager cried as Heather Lewis grabbed her, "you shaved off another two whole seconds from your best!" The pretty blonde grinned up at the taller Jonni, her long hair falling in a wave around her face as her blue eyes glittered.

"Thanks," Jonni answered, feeling uncomfortably aware of Heather's breasts pushing up against her arm. She knew it was just an innocent gesture from the cheerleader but it still made her heart beat a little faster and her palms begin to sweat.

Heather slipped back a bit reluctantly as their coach appeared, waiting patiently as the older woman ran through with Jonni her assessment of her running form and offering tips on how to improve her performance. Hearing Jonni's stomach growl Heather fought back a chuckle as coach shook her head with a smile, excusing them for a late lunch.

"I can't believe how much you eat sometimes," Heather noted wryly as they both had a snack. She spooned out her yogurt resentfully, giving a wry glance at the plain whole wheat and meat sandwich her friend was having. "Is that really good?" she had to ask.

"It's good," Jonni reassured her, sneaking a glance as Heather brought her spoon of yogurt up to her succulent, rosy lips, "and running takes a lot out of me." She mentally sighed, 'How is it she can make eating look so sexy?'

"Sure it is," Heather looked amused. Her tongue lapped up some of her yogurt, then she asked, "Have you decided on the dance?"

Jonni shook her head as she muttered, "It's not really my thing, Heather."

Heather reached out to squeeze Jonni's arm, "Please?"

"I..." Jonni blushed as Heather looked at her searchingly. Looking away Jonni sighed, "I'll think about it, okay?"

"Isn't that just another way to say no?" Heather pouted, pushing out her full bottom lip in a adorable looking pout.

'Damn is she cute,' Jonni thought, feeling her resistance wane a bit as her friend looked at her pleadingly. "Have I ever lied to you?" she asked, smiling slightly.

Heather smiled back as she conceded, "No, you haven't." As the coach called them back to work she gave Jonni a mock glare, "Think hard!"

Jonni got up from her seat as she found her eyes following Heather's very shapely ass like a magnet. "Oh, I will," she said with a sigh.


"Welcome home," Jonni's mom called, the forty year old beauty cheerfully preparing a quick dinner for the family of three. Jacky Ross had been born to hippy parents much like her husband Robert, and had maintained a rather free wheeling view of the world.

"Hi mom," Jonni called as she paused to kiss her father on the cheek. Robert Ross was a bit older than mom, a computer expert who had survived both the boom and bust years to maintain a good income and stable life for his family.

"Hi pun'kin," Robert chuckled, smiling as his daughter sat down on the couch tiredly. "Good practice?" he asked.

"Shaved a few minutes off my time," Jonni admitted.

"Do you want some orange juice?" Jacky called. When Jonni answered yes she came in with a coke for Robert and a OJ for Jonni, then hurried back only to return with another coke for her. "I talked to Heather today," Jacky said with a slight smile.

'Uh oh,' Jonni thought.

"Oh?" Robert looked curious.

Jacky took a sip of her drink and revealed, "It seems our Jonni has been pretty coy about attending the dance."

Robert turned his gaze to his now blushing daughter, "I thought you liked dancing?"

Jonni sighed as she grumbled under her breath, "I'm going to get Heather for bringing my parents into this." She looked up at them as she said more loudly, "It's not that I don't want to go to the dance, it's..."

"You want to go with Heather?" Robert guessed.

"Ehh?" Jonni looked more than a bit stunned.

Jacky chuckled softly as she drank a bit more of her drink, "Please credit us with a bit of perception, honey. You refused to wear dresses after you turned five years old, that certainly hinted at something."

"Mom!" Jonni blushed.

Robert looked at her compassionately, "Jonni, we've known about you for years." He took a breath, "We taught you to be proud of yourself, and we're certainly proud of you too."

"Thank you, Daddy," Jonni said quietly.

Jacky reached out, "So what are you scared of, here? Taking Heather to the dance?"

Jonni looked sheepish, "Yeah, a little. I mean, I think she knows about me, but my asking her out to the dance..." Jonni trailed off as she saw her parents amused expressions, "What?"

"Jonni, think about it," Robert looked amused as he asked, "who's trying to get you to go to the dance so bad?"

"Heather..." Jonni trailed off, blinking.

"Exactly," Jacky nodded. She looked at her daughter gently, "If I understand what she was trying to say, she'd be VERY happy to go with you."

Robert sat back, taking another drink of his soda. "Of course you have to weigh the risks of coming out to your school," he said seriously, "but they have a anti-discrimination rule, and I'm sure you can handle it if you need to."

Jacky patted her arm, "And we'll do whatever we can to help."

Jonni smiled at them both, her eyes warm with amusement as she said, "All right, I guess I am going to the dance."


Heather Lewis sighed as she turned in front of the mirror, the light white dress flowing around her legs. It had taken a long time to get this point, and she still wasn't entirely sure that things would go the way she hoped.

'For someone as sexy as Jonni is,' Heather thought as she went to the bathroom mirror to check her makeup, 'she can sure be clueless.'

For several months now Heather had been delivering broader and broader hints on how she wanted their friendship to bloom onto something more, and Jonni had missed them all. She had slowly changed clothes in front of her, lost important garments and other stunts, all for Jonni to stoically ignore her. It was enough to make a grown woman weep.

"Heather, your date is going to be here any minute!" her mom called from downstairs.

Heather yelled back, "I'll be down in a minute."

Her mother looked rather amused as Heather swirled down the stairs in her shining white dress and matching shoes, the white stockings hugging her legs. "I'm not sure," her mother hid a smile, "you can quite pull off that virgin bride look."

"Mother!" Heather blushed.

"Just kidding," the older woman reached out to hug her daughter, her own blonde hair now tinged with a bit of grey. Much more seriously she asked, "You're sure about this?"

Heather smiled back, "I was sure the day I met her."

"Then good luck," Mother hugged heather as they heard the door ring.

"Thanks," Heather smiled before walking a little nervously over to the door. Calming her expression she opened it... only to freeze.

Up until then Heather had thought Jonni looked best dressed in her track gear, the slim woman drawing lusty glances from men and women as she effortlessly ran, her clothes clinging to her lithe body, but this topped that easily. Jonni was decked out in a man's suit, but tailored to ger slim form, hugging her chest and waist and making her look scrumptious.

"Hello," Jonni produced a fine corsage, "would you care to accompany me to the dance?"

Heather took her hand in her's, "I'd love too." She lifted the flowers and asked, "Help me put it on?"

"Sure," Jonni tied the corsage on, Heather feeling a little trembling inside her from that sure, gentle touch.

"Hold still," her mother called and Heather and Jonni froze. A flash of light blinded them and the older blonde lowered the camera, "I had to get a shot of you on prom night." She looked at Jonni and said semi-seriously, "You get my daughter home at a reasonable hour, understood?"

"I'll do my best," Jonni vowed.

"Mother." Heather rolled her eyes.

"Have fun," her mother waved before heading in.

Jonni grinned as they headed to the car as she whispered, "She said a reasonable hour, but what's reasonable, really?"

Heather laughed as Jonni opened the door, "True."

"And I'm glad she took a photo," Jonni hesitated then kissed her lingeringly.

"Hmm," Heather savored the kiss then sighed as she pulled back, "To commemorate our first date?"

"First of many," Jonni winked as she climbed inside.

"First of many," Heather agreed.


Notes: I recently read several very grim books featuring parents freaking out over gay kids, and while I know that can happen I wanted to write a bit more positive story. May edit this a bit later, but I hope you'll enjoy it.