Angel cake.

It's an angel what I'm seeing?
I don't want to sleep
but I'm so tired
he's taken my hand
this heat is so cold
for sure I'll be forgotten.

It's an angel singing what I'm hearing?
I don't want to go to the light
but where you are
the pain increases in the course of time.

It's an angel tear what I'm drinking?
I don't want to begin again
leave things so, it's alright
since the end is near as we advance
I wonder if some time I moved back
now I don't understand why I look for you
it's been written before I was born.

An ephemeral existence
just memories
but they're memories if I can't remember?
I've kept that photo like a valued treasure
a treasure that'll be left
in the bottom of my heart.

That angel's shown me
a true love, I deny to believe
I can't fight since I want to protect
who can't protect me anymore.

That angel waits for me
it's why I'm living for.

All's been a dream?
How easy is to think it's forever
actually I'm just holding
the goodbye with a smile
the goodbye...