Not here anymore.

It's not the kind of thing
I tell as if nothing
but it's the kind of thing
I'd rather keep for myself
it's embarrasing...

You aren't my best friend
You're just my mother... Still
I remember how you slapped me
my look filled with pain
but I couldn't look at you
the wounds healed soon.

Everything you've done
it's for me?
I think it's for yourself
sorry for being selfish
I don't know what to say
the tears are suffocating me
let me take a break...

You aren't my hero
You're just my father
thank you for ignoring me
I needed you to comfort me
but you were too busy doing nothing
or maybe there's things better
not to see, but this lie kills me
please, say it's ok..

I wanna run away
but I'm too tired
those shouts.. I'm afraid

Nobody'll believe what I'm telling
'cause I'm laughing
but no matter how hard I try
I can't remove all the hurt I feel.

A thousand dishes are broken
a little girl and her little heart
are left behind 'cause
I'm not here anymore.

It's eating me from inside
I'd like to know how many times
I've died 'cause of you.

I don't know where I'm
but I'm not here anymore
I faded like the things I used to believe

I faded like the dreams I used to have

I'm not here anymore.