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Suddenly Cherished

Chapter I:

Today was a kick in the proverbial butt. In other words, the day had been a total waste of time. Not only had she not been taken but she spent the day preparing to be taken. Her hair had been literally fried with acidic chemicals to achieve the sleek long-haired straight look the buyers adored. Her handed down shoes had felt two sizes too tight and what made it worse was that she stood eight hours on hard wood floor. Her purple dress, borrowed from a fellow girl, was too big but with a good wash, press, and a stitch here and there she looked radiant. At least, that's what she had thought until she went into the auction room. When brought to the stool and given a brief description, the buyers had yelled, "she's too skinny!" or "get off the stage!"

Taking down her hair from her braid, she reached for a brush only to notice it was missing. Feeling a dip behind her in the small boarding-house cot, she moved to turn. Her head was pushed back to the front and the rough bristles began to run through her hair.

"Don't worry about today, honey. Be grateful that you weren't bought. Those pigs out there." The voice trailed off behind her. With a sigh, she began to twiddle her thumbs.

"I coulda sworn I looked my best today, Sharon! I coulda bet all my hair!" The spoken of hair was softly yanked. The brushing continued in silence, Sharon's soft breath tickling the baby hairs at the back of her neck.

"I told you not to worry about it. You'll be sold one day and then you can do the agency proud, ya know, sticking it to the man and all that junk." Sharon turned her around to let her cerulean eyes gaze deeply into onyx. Patting her friend on the head, she smiled.

"Yeah, don't sweat over it, Verity. It ain't you, ya know? Besides, I think it was a welcome change for you. Men usually fight over you! It was an off day. Not like Matron Silvia would let you be bought anyway."

The brush was harshly thrown at the chattering girl, hitting her directly in the thigh.

"Shut the hell up, Kaytrina. The object is to make Verity feel better, not worse you child!" yelled Sharon.

Rubbing her thigh, Kaytrina said, "hey, it's not my fault there aren't a lot of her kind out there. I'm not trying to be mean. And that's your ass, calling me child. Coming from an old spinster like you." Kaytrina walked away, her nose in the air.

"Who does she think she is, Empress Keytatianna? Calling me a spinster. Why I outta…" Sharon trailed off. "Hey Verity, why don't you go to sleep, huh? We have a big day tomorrow."

"We do?" asked Verity.

"Shopping after class, remember?"

"Oh. Well then, Good night, Sharon."

Getting up from the cot, Sharon pulled the dividing curtains closed around Verity's bed.

"Good night Verity."

She was going to be late, she just knew it. The class she really didn't want or need to be late for was history. Sliding in the door just as the teacher was getting up to close the door, Verity shuffled to her seat. Putting her school briefcase on top her desk, Verity straightened her uniform. It was a uniform modeled after the uniforms from the ancients: simple light blue jacket and skirt with a white short-sleeved button-up blouse underneath with a blue tie to top off the outfit. Of course, the white knee-high socks, and shiny black low-heeled shoes were standard for any school uniform, but the blue uniform with the Renaissance Agency crest was seen as the top of schools. Smoothing her skirt and sitting daintily in her chair, Verity pulled out her notebook and pen to be ready for the lesson. As always, Matron Hadria called roll and scolded girls who were not sitting as a proper young lady should. After that was finished, she told the girls to pull out their books.

"Today, we will talk about the reformation of what the ancients called Earth and how we came to be here today. Now, let us start with…"

Verity knew exactly how she came to be here. Not one person on Terrafirma didn't know the history of their planet, it was impossible. Terrafirma was once, over six-thousand years ago, called Earth. By books found in archeological digs from centuries buried libraries, it was rumored to be a beautiful place. Earth had several different land masses called continents and in each continent had different countries and every country had different cities and so on. To the Terrafirmians, it sounded like heaven. In every map, blueprint, and book, the ancients seemed to be in the prime of military height and technological advancement. Each place was ruled differently as well; some had people called Presidents, some had Kings or Queens, and some, Like Terrafirma, had Empresses and Emperors.

Some of the nobility and scientists of Terrafirma believe that the ancients had been too high-handed when it came to nature, thus leading them to their own downfall. In reports and eyewitness testimony of the ones who survived the destruction of the ancient world, Earth had, in simple words, had had enough of the evil being done to it. The survivors said it was something never before thought of. As if there had been a magnet stuck to each continent, the land masses gravitated back together, making the sea spill over the lower leveled continents, a total reverse of Pangaea. The people were able to go to other countries as they never had before. Next, hurricanes, and tornadoes ran rampant over the one large continent. The skies turned dark and the rain poured forth. The temperature dropped and in three years, the earth had turned into a second Ice Age with minimal survivors. It wasn't until almost two-thousand years later that the Earth began to thaw and life began to prosper. Thankfully, the survivors weren't truly starting from scratch because each government had stashed away documents to the life they had once known. And with that knowledge, the people renamed Earth as Terrafirma, seeing as the Earth they knew was long gone. The people rebuilt and started new systems, one being the reinstitution of the royalty and nobility classes, and a new form of government with Empress Keytatianna as the leader of all Terrafirma. Terrafirma was broken up into six large metropolises: Quartz, Templar, Nile, Olympus, Yemaya, and Caladium.

The thing that fascinated Verity the most was the ancient civilizations had different cultures and colors, just as Terrafirma has today with only one problem. In the history books, there were people of severe dark color in the pictures, people that resembled her. With the destruction of Ancient Earth came the destruction of the dark-colored people like the Africans, or the African-American's in America. When the survivors began to repopulate Terrafirma, the major majority of the survivors were of light skin like the Caucasians and Japanese, and many more. Even now, it was very rare to see someone that looked remotely like that Africans in the history books. That was what Verity's problem was now. She was darker than Nile Metropolis' chocolate, and that was darker than any brown she had ever seen. Unfortunately, she was an orphan so she could never ask her parents, much less look at them to see how dark they were. Because her skin was so dark, she and probably any others that were like her are called 'Darkens' in total amazement.

It's not so bad, Verity had thought. She was a rarity in Terrafirma, a popular rare jewel that everyone wanted. On outings away from the Agency, she often received things for free because of her 'popularity and rarity'. In auctions, she was always bided on the most and the highest but in the end, Matron Silvia put her foot down and hauled her off the stage. That was always strange because the object of the auction was to sell the girls and make profit and in return, the girls would bring good report for the Agency and new people would come there for service.

"And that ladies, Is the end of the lesson. Have a good day."

Damn, she missed class.

Not even waiting to change out of the uniforms, Sharon and Kaytrina rushed out of their classes and met Verity by the grand staircase leading to the second floor. Deciding to get gelato at the local gelato parlor down the street, the girls set off to relax the rest of the day. Leaving the front gates of the main building to the streets, Verity turned back to watch as the automatic gates closed and the Renaissance Agency crest came back together. Turning left from the entrance, the girls chatted loudly about class and groaned about the mountain of homework they had to complete for Monday's classes. Luckily, this side of Caladium Metropolis was less crowded this time of day and the girls could make it to the parlor without much trouble. Finally coming to 'The Gelato Spot', they went inside to order their ice-cold gelato.

"Man, which one should I get, I always get Mocha Mocha", said Kaytrina from behind her menu.

"Try something different then", remarked Sharon, pulling her sunglasses up on top her blonde hair.

"I think I'll just get Mocha Mocha."

"Didn't you just say you wanted something different?"

"No, you said to try something different."

"Then why did you ask?"

"I was speaking out loud. Why don't you take your own advice, try something different."

"I don't want to. I like my usual. You on the other hand want to try something different."

Sighing behind her menu, Verity waited for the argument to end so she could eat. Looking at Sharon and Kaytrina subtly, she was suddenly hit with the same thoughts she had during history class. Sharon was a nice natural light tanned skin color, her ancestors being a mix of Mexicans and American Caucasians. She had dirty blonde hair that, at the moment, was pulled into a high ponytail with a blue hair-band. She was tall and slim, just the perfect thing that buyers looked for. She was properly spoken when around company but when around Kaytrina, her vocabulary changed drastically to keep up with the barbs. She seemed so perfect to Verity that is was odd for her to still be at the Agency at the age of eighteen. Age truly didn't matter when it came to being sold but for such a creature like Sharon, it seemed downright inhumane not to want her.

Kaytrina on the other hand was a whole new story. Kaytrina, like Sharon, was brought to the agency when she was little by her parents so that she may have a good start on life. Just like Sharon, Kaytrina was obviously accepted into the Agency with no hard feelings towards her parents, as a matter of fact, she still talked to her parents weekly, just like Sharon. Kaytrina was, and always will be, reasoned Verity, a wild creature from the depths of Hell. She was loud, untamable (which really doesn't fit in with the Agency's rule of softness and reserve), a hearty curser, and always gave as good as she got. She acts like a kid and prefers to play pranks than learn etiquette and flower arrangements, which unfortunately for Kaytrina was a required learning for the girls at Renaissance Agency. Her hair is short with a little curve at the bottom and a vibrant shade of red. She too was tall but not rail-thin due to the fact that she has a huge appetite.

Verity's appearance was so different from them it shocked her many times. Her skin is darker than the chocolate that Nile Metropolis produces. She's short, and thankfully slim but that was mainly due the being forcibly athletic, for she has a large appetite just like Kaytrina. She wasn't shy, and people who thought she was hadn't known her very long or been long in her presence. Singing was her hobby and she thought whoever invented sports as a form of entertainment should be brought back from the dead and killed. Unlike Sharon and Kaytrina, Verity was an orphan and had been brought to the Renaissance Agency when she was a young child. The agency, she mused, was her only chance for a family that she could call her own, in a manner of speaking.

Being brought back to the present time, Sharon and Kaytrina had calmed for the moment to order Gelato.

"What can I get for you Agency ladies?" asked the waiter. Kaytrina opened her mouth to begin her order when Sharon bet her to the punch.

"I would like the…"

"Wait a minute! He was asking me. I would like the Mocha Mocha…"

"Didn't you say you were going to get something else?"

Kaytrina threw down the menu, causing it to skid towards Sharon in an angry manner.

"I'll get what I want!" she proclaimed. "Besides, I always order first, beauty before beast ya know. Anyway, as I was ordering, I would like the Mocha Mocha…"

"Did you just call me a beast? Sir, could you add a special ingredient to her order? How about a topping of spit with a side order of snot to that Mocha Mocha gelato."

The waiter backed up, his writing pad still poised to take the orders. Verity made a small motion with her hand. Since she was on the end, the waiter crouched low to her as she ordered. "I'd like the mint-chocolate gelato with a burger and fries, everything on my burger please and a lemon-fizz." He nodded silently to her order and hurried away from the scene of a future crime.

"Snot! Snot? Why don't we put cherry vomit on yours! And I did call you a beast. You are so disgusting!" spat Kaytrina.

"Oh don't get me started on disgusting. Your socks are so disgusting that that your shoes fight with each other to not be worn, not to mention the color melts right off of them! And look what you did! The waiter is walking away." shouted Sharon.

"What I did? You've got some nerve. Hey! Waiter-dude! Come back, we haven't ordered! Verity, why didn't you make him wait? Hey, come back! And for your information, my socks fade in the washer."

"You wash them? Oh, my fault. I never would have known because they smell like dog shit!"

"What? They do not smell!" Kaytrina slammed her hand on the table. By then, everyone in the Parlor was watching them.

"Miss, here's your burger and fries with a lemon-fizz, and your mint-chocolate gelato. And don't worry, this'll be on the house for ya, you lovely Darken." The waiter walked away, taking the bill with him.

"You ordered without us!?"


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