That moment

The castle, no better the fortress was nearly theirs. Finally the resistance from the guards grew weaker, weeks had passed slowly as his comrades spilled their blood on the walls of this fortress. All this blood staining the ground in crimson red, it was not for nothing, it had a purpose. He believed in this fully, this goal was greater than anything in the world. Nothing could waver his oath to fight for this, his king had given him this burden and he the greatest of his countries warriors would, with no mercy slay the enemy and return to his king. Bringing the all so yearned for peace.

"Break through! Break through! One wall has fallen!" it rang through the rows of soldiers. To the sound of war drums the yelling army stormed right into the fatal flesh wound the huge stone monster had taken in battle. This was their one chance to be victorious. This one chance, he only had to slay the emperor somewhere hiding in his castle. That was the thing he had come for, he would end this raging blood lust, for once and for all. Only this head must roll to bring eternal peace.

His steps were stifled by the water and blood dripping soil he was running over. The big imperial sword he usually was carrying on his back already drawn he entered through the wall into the darkness lurking behind it. Only a few fighters had entered the dungeon, rapidly being scattered in its many caves. The main battle seemed so far away but two whole armies were fighting for the victory just behind these walls. It was a uneasy silence as if some unknown dangers lurked in the shadows. Torches illuminated the long floors, throwing flickering shadows onto the walls. Victorian held his breath low and his steps quiet not wanting to draw attention. He had breached throw the enemy's lines and had the one chance in his life-time.

Corridors deserted by their inhabitants all fighting desperately to keep the little, the flames had not reached yet. Giving Victorian the chance to sneak through those corridors without facing any obstacles. As he walked in the silence many thoughts crossed his mind but the image of the soon ending battle banished everything fast. Five minutes passed in a moment of excitement but as he breached further into the fortress seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. It was as if some incredible power wanted to keep him away. But he had to fulfil his mission, with a stifled scream he stepped on.

Turning around a corner he saw it. Finally. The huge oak-wood doors to the throne room. His heart rejoiced in relief as now the victory was graspable. Wooden doors cracking loudly as he kicked them open, ready to fight any foe who might stand in his way.

But all of the sudden his sword sank a few centimetres, his eyes widening in the process. In front of him, just besides he throne, this magnificent woman was standing. Staring at him with sad eyes, her long blonde hair waved as she turned around in her white dress.

"You shouldn't have come..." her soft and sad voice rang out in his ears yet all the sudden thoughts about this woman vanished as fast as they had come. A piercing pain, a loud gasp for air and he fell onto his knees. Unbelieving Victorian stared and the broadsword that had impaled him and soon there was only darkness...

A small short story. I hope you like it. It is sometimes so tragical to just fail due to one moment that caught our attention. Just one moment and everything can be gone...

- Yuki