This is the first book of a collaboration project between four of us: me and my friends Kassy, Steph, and Doodle. Most of the stories were written by me and Kassy, although Steph wrote a few and Doodle assisted in some parts. As a whole, this is called EPSE (EP-see; that is, English Paper Special Edition... long story- pun!) and as you can see, this first book is called "How We Survived Public Education."

We gave the name "English Paper" because that's exactly how these stories started: an English assignment where we had to write a story about defeating a monster (although those particular stories happen later in this book). That was in freshman year (we were fifteen, thus explaining the strange names) and now, four years later, we're still writing it. Albeit, a large part of that has to do with severe procrastination and other stories...

This is essentially a compilation of short stories instead of your average chapter-by-chapter-go-in-direct-chronological-order... you know what I mean.

This part consists of stories from middle school to freshman year. It was written entirely by me and Kassy.

We had a lot of fun with it, so we hope you have even more fun!

And now, The Beginning of the End. :)