Prologue: The History of the Children of Anama and the Prophecy

In 2025 a laboratory in New York was preforming experiments on humans give them the ability to transform into any animals they came into contact with. They had tried many times before, but in the end all those tries ended in failure. If these experiments succeeded they were going to be used as secret weapons in war. The experiments were successful, but before the test subjects could be shipped off they escaped their confines. There were only a hundred of them back then. Splitting off into groups of five, they went off on their separate ways. Those people were my ancestors.

Forming clans we reproduced, producing children with the same gift they had. When these children turned seventeen they were told of their heritage and taught how to use their powers. People began calling us the Children of Anama. Many people who once thought us harmless began fearing our growing numbers. Around this time a guild formed. It was named "The Hunter's Guild" and was dedicated to hunting us down and destroying us all. My ancestors fought back by building places called "Safe Houses."

These "houses" were buildings that acted as rest stops for those of us who were on the run and housed each of the growing clans. Though we had the safe houses some of us chose to live on our own in small family groups, it was safer this way. The ones living in safe houses always lived in fear of being discovered. There were those of us that enjoyed leading "The Hunter's Guild" on long drawn out chases. Those of us that did were called "Baiters" because they baited the hunters into chasing them. If you did this and survived you were considered a legend among us. This was how many of us died.

Fifty year after we escaped the laboratory one of our clans captured a lone male dragon. It was to be used for those of us who needed to absorb the DNA of something big to fight. They soon found out that the dragon–thought to be some mindless beast–was quite intelligent. He could also see the future. Soon he told the leader of the clan a prophecy that would come to pass in fifty years.

The prophecy was:

When a man/wolf of dark fur

and a woman/wolf of light fur unite

a child shall be born

to take up the fight

Eighteen years after she is born

the child's family shall be torn

she will go on a mission

that will free the Children of Anama

and unite them all

The leader was wise and understood the prophecy. He knew that there were no children that matched this description right then but he knew that one day there would be.

The years passed by as my ancestors awaited the one that was prophesied. Forty-two years passed then I was born. My father was of the shadow clan and my mother of the arctic clan. For eighteen years we lived in peace until today that is.