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Chapter 3- The Legend

When I came to the legend that was supposed to be about me I was shock by how long it was. It was at least three pages long and that didn't include the pictures. There were three different pictures for the legend. One of the pictures was of two wolves; a white wolf and a black wolf; running together.

'That must have been what they thought my mother and father looked like in their wolf forms.' I thought.

The next was of a man with no face and a wolf that looked like Silver Light. The last was of what looked like a war between the Children of Anama in their animal forms and the Hunter's Guild. The legend was beside these pictures.

The Legend of the Guiding Light

Once a dragon was captured that told of an extraordinary event. It claimed that in fifty years a woman of the light wolf clan and a man of the dark wolf clan would fall in love. They would have a child named Aileen who would eventually save our entire race. On the night of her eighteenth birthday her whole clan was killed.

Shortly after which she leaves to go on a great journey, in which she will have to gather all the animals from all of the clans' safe houses in the world. Along the way she meets many people who help her. She also will meet the love of her life.

Not much is known about this man except that he travels with Aileen and is very hansom. Aileen is also accompanied by the silver/white wolf Silver Light; her faithful companion. The journey will take Aileen more than a year to complete and she will travel over all the newly joined continents. At the end of her journey there will be a great war.

It is said during this war that Aileen is lost, but not much is known. After the war though she is never seen again.

This is the legend of the guiding light as told by the great ancestors.

I finished reading the legend around lunchtime and was very surprised that my ancestors had known everything about me. Apparently I was going to die at the end of my journey as well. As I thought of my journey I heard the Click Click of wolf claws on a wood floor as Silver Light entered the room.

"Hey Buddy!" I exclaimed. "How are you doing?"

He looked at me with a look that said "I'm doing well, how about you?".

"I'm fine, just a little bit hungry." I said.

"Did I hear somebody say they were hungry?" said a young woman's voice.

A woman came in carrying a tray heaped with all sorts of foods. There were sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and other foods. The woman was wearing a rather pretty but simple dress. It was sky blue and had flowers on it.

"My name is Adara, What is yours?" she said.

"My name is Aileen." I replied as I ate the food she had brought with her.

"Are you the Aileen in the Legend of the Guilding Light?" asked Adara.

" I believe so." I replied.

"Well I have to go now," she said getting up, " but I will come back and talk to you some more while you heal."

"Okay, bye." I said as she left.

For the next two to three days I rested there and Adara was my constant companion. I heard other people talking in the great hall but noone else came to the room except George and the other lady who's name I learned was Abra. Soon it would be time for me to go.

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