She was a rat...

She was happy being a rat

In a corner
but you...
Charming prince
from a sad ending tale.

You showed her
the beauty from this life.

The sun shined
even if the rain
seemed to go
on forever.

She wanted to become
a color from rainbow.

She couldn't reach the sky

You flied too high.

Every shadow has
its own shadow.

Elisa is the shadow
of her own shadow

Elisa is the shadow
on your wall

Can you see her..

She's telling you
a story.

He was a toad
looking for a princess
to kiss him, but you
little rat with no comfort
you followed him.

To the mirage from this beauty
the sky was always big
even if the world was small.

He wanted to become
your rainbow.

He lent you his wings
you were scared.

Some shadows don't have owners
Some shadows are free like wind.

Can you tell me the Elisa's story?
Make it a happy ending
I don't want to shed any tear.

Tell me the broken heart
rest in peace

In the mousetrap
which Elisa left once.

It's her story, it's his story

It's my story, it's your story

It's our story...

Being played by shadows.

She was happy..