Kioku grinned. How could he be smiling at a time like this? We were surrounded, one hundred to two. The boy outstretched his black wings and started flapping them till he was airborne. He grabbed my arm and I looked down as he pulled me up, my cat tail dangling beneath me. We we're escaping, after thirteen years I was finally free.

Now THAT'S what I call a summary! I love hybrids. They're so cool!! And this story has many unexpected twists that'll leave you begging for more. :3

A Living Hell

The dingy scents of rotting and rust lingered around the place I call home. And it's even worse for me. I can smell things better than the others, I can see things better than the others, and, worst of all, I can hear things better than the others. The screams of those being experimented on. Their wails and cries because of the pain they're being put through, all their harsh training, all their suffering...

And I go through it as well. Day after day, I get sent to be tested and experimented on. I'm surprised I haven't been disposed of, like most of the rest. I must be efficient somehow. Not a failure. It doesn't seem like it, because of all the pressure the scientists put on me, but I think I'm doing well. No, I must douse that glimmer of hope. I'm a worthless creature that doesn't deserve to live. I don't want to live, especially like this; with these ears atop my head, this annoying cat-like tail, these ugly claws, these stupid fangs. This useless hybrid body.

My golden cat-like ears twitched. I scented the air. Feeding time. The prison workers, or "Keepers" as I call them, had a stick of meat for me. Probably from a few days ago, maybe even a week or two. But it was food, and if I didn't eat it the Keepers would chain me up and force feed me. Keepers were the scientist's one success. Their wolf fangs were sharper than my cat ones. Their ears could hear anything, even the slightest movement. And their dark, black, lifeless eyes could see most things with their enhanced vision, even at night. They had sharp, steel claws on their armor, and regular claws on their hands. They had given armor, in case an experiment attempted to escape. But, believe me, that was fatal. No one who's tried has ever escaped alive. And I didn't plan to be one of them.

The Keeper tossed me the meat. I watched it slide across the cold hard floor and stop in front of me. He gave me a quick, disgusted glare. I didn't hiss back, for I knew the punishment. I used my bare feet to bring it closer. I don't bother stepping out of the shadows of my cell. Only when told do I leave them for training. I snatched it and chewed off whatever I could swallow.

After that was done I used my sharp nails and dug into it. This was the first bone I'd had all week. When I was finished, it now looked like a white talon. I carved and indent into it. It was the only thing I could do to occupy my time. I fat the bone into my black belt, it was the fifth one on it.

I heard a creak as the Keepers entered the cell. I also heard something else that was strange. Something was rubbing against the floor, not their feet, it was... I looked up to see them dragging something across the floor. The two Keepers tossed the black haired boy into the cell in front of me. I squinted my golden eyes. It looked as if he was unconscious. The boy looked...regular. A real, normal human. But probably not for long.

However, I didn't get to see much. The Keepers unlocked my cell and came in, their spears ready. "Put em down, I'm coming," I said, preventing myself from hissing. I stood up and walked out of the darkness, my red shirt and caprees becoming visible in the dim light. The movement of my brown boots on the floor rang around this echoing place. They stood on either side of me, watching my every movement. The Keepers were always this cautious around the experiments. They pulled my hands behind my back and put the metal cuffs around my wrist. I glanced at the boy. His eyes didn't open. I continued walking.

The bright light of the hallway made me flinch because I'd been in the shadows for so long. They shoved me into a room and locked the metal door. I saw the new obstacle course they'd made for me. The last one must've been too un-painful. The Keepers removed the handcuffs and exited. I saw scientists in white lab coats watching from the window in the other room. A voice came from the speakers placed in this room. "This is a test of your hearing abilities. We will release a chameleon in the room, you have one minute to find it. The electric net will be lowered in that amount of time. We will create other noises to test your concentration. Begin."

I didn't respond. A bell rang and I swiftly began concentrating on the small footsteps of the chameleon. I heard the sparks from the net go off and ignored them. I put my ear to the hard floor below me. I heard it alright, and some small explosions. I focused harder. The net was halfway down. The chameleon started to scurry. I pounced to the left and felt a tail. I nearly had it, but it slipped away.

I felt some jolts from the electricity. I searched and searched till I saw the chameleon reveal its tail. I snatched it up right before the net electrocuted me. A bell rang, and the net stopped, no longer electrified. I panted, letting out gasps of air I'd been holding in. I heard the Keepers opened the metal door behind me. I felt one of them grip my arm and yank me upward. The cuffs were put on my wrists again. I got up and started walking.

When the Keepers took me to my cell, I noticed the boy not in his. I assumed they were going to perform experiments on him. They threw me in, not bothering to take off my handcuffs. They were really tight, not fit into the shape of my wrists. And every time I tried to move them it hurt more than I expected it would. Moving back into the shadows, I saw the Keepers unlock the cell in front of me. I edged forward to see if it was that human boy. But it wasn't, just a different experiment.

I don't even know why I cared. I'm human too, just not completely. I closed my eyes and took a small nap. The sound of creaking woke me up. It wasn't till I was fully awake that I realized that it was my cell being opened. I looked up from my dark corner. My eyes widened, it was that boy. He let out an "oof" as they tossed him carelessly into the cell, my cell. He shook his head. "Ouch." He rubbed his seemingly sore arms. I can't say this didn't intrigue me, but I refused to leave the shadows.

"Jeez, can't they give a guy a break? I mean, how many shots in the arm do they need to give me?" He stretched his arms and his wings, black wings, spread out as well. I stared at them, they were at least six feet across, and that was each one.

The boy turned to where I was sitting. He must have noticed my golden eyes; they always seemed to glow in the darkness for some reason. I closed them, hoping he didn't notice me. But I felt him still staring, not moving. "Hello? Is anyone over there?" he asked. I thought that if I didn't move he would leave me alone. But that wasn't the case.

He tilted his head. "Why won't you come out? I don't bite, I swear. I'm too injured to do anything." I opened my eyes and looked at the small holes in his arm.

I stepped out of the darkness. "Are you calling me weak?" I asked crossly.

He grinned. "No," he said. My eyes narrowed. He stared at my ears. "You're a cat person?"

"Hybrid," I corrected him. "And, so? You're a crow hybrid!"

The boy put his finger up. "I prefer hawk."

I stared at the boy. How could he be so calm? I've been here for all my life and I've never seen someone so happy before. Didn't he even feel the pain of his wings growing out of his back? I remembered when I saw him unconscious. That explained it.

He smiled, his green eyes shining with curiosity. "So what's your name?" I didn't answer and just stepped back into the shadows.

"I'm Kioku!" he said cheerfully.

I looked up at the boy. But there was just something about him, his aura, I don't know. Something that made me think that the outside world was nothing like it was in here. This made me want to escape even more. I shoved that thought out of my mind and looked up at Kioku. Maybe hope comes in everyone. The realization of it all made remember that this was all I'd ever known. This is all I probably ever would know.

Unless, somehow, this boy was the one that I needed to open my eyes and see my calling the whole time. Then, I did something I haven't remembered doing in a long time.

I smiled. "My name is Kiriri."

Okay, just for the record, this is the ONLY chapter I'm doing for a while. And, for starters, Kiriri is pronounced Kear-ree-ree. I noticed there were a lot of ways to say it and they're pretty weird. Idk how, don't ask.