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Sightless Synthesis

We flew over many green plants and I thought they looked strange. I'd never seen anything like this because I've always been cooped up in a cell. They never even let me see this stuff Kioku calls grass. That's I noticed the boy's wings start beating slower and slower. He began panting and it made me worry. "You think you should land? You look like your getting tired."

"Nah, I'm o-" We suddenly took a nose dive towards some water. My eyes widened. "I TOLD YOU!!" was all I could scream until we fell into the leafy trees. I was separated from Kioku when I hit the leaves. The branches scratched my uncovered face and tore up my red sleeves. I used my claws and dug them into a sturdy branch. I sighed; at least it wasn't the water.

I looked down and didn't see Kioku, just about ten feet of air between me and the ground. Well, I wasn't gonna get down by just standing- er, hanging here. My cat-like strength urged me forward as I swung onto a branch closer to the ground. I leapt off it and glanced around. So many trees. So many plants. This is not going to be easy, I thought, and began searching for Kioku.

I decided to put my expertise to use. Guess all that training would pay off after all. I scented the air, my nose may look regular but it's just as good as a cat's. He didn't leave much of a trail. "Great, now I have to go searching for him," I groaned.

I made a dash into the forest, hoping Kioku didn't wander any further. I skidded to a stop when something shot out of the bushes behind me. I whipped around and saw a blue bird with wings. It looked so strange, exactly like Kioku's wings, except his were a lot larger and they were black. My head tilted. Its tail was unusually long; a lot different than the ones we saw flying. And two black feathers hung off its blue head. The bird landed on a branch above me.

As I stared into its endless black eyes, something triggered my memory. As a child, when I went for training, I would always see the scientists fiddling with varieties of birds. When I asked what it was, they just strait out told me.

"They're trying to see if they can install cameras in the bird's eyes. It's just something they think might be helpful for blending in on the outside."

"Oh," I replied plainly. When we kept walking I heard the Keeper mumble, "But it'll probably fail, just like all their other worthless experiments."

The blue bird had its gaze fixed on me. My eyes widened and I shot into the forest, running as far away from the bird as possible. I looked behind me and saw nothing, but when I looked up, there it was. Soaring over me, as if I was prey. I made a swift turn that made the bird swerve quickly and tumble into a tree. Take that! I mocked.

Not watching where I was going, I tripped over something. I lifted myself off of the body and realized that it was Kioku. It seemed like the boy was asleep, or knocked out. I shook him just to make sure. "Kioku, come on we've got to get out of here."

I shook him violently as the bird came into view. "Now!" I said frantically. Desperate, I hauled the unconscious boy onto my back and began running.

I heard my heart pounding in my ears. This bird wasn't normal. And if my experience is correct, the scientists would equip them with more than just cameras. I ran until I couldn't run anymore. I collapsed on the ground, my body overflowing with exhaustion. Kioku lightly fell off my back. I staggered upward. "Stupid bird," I hissed. "I'll kill you!"

The blue creature made a loud screeching sound. I narrowed my eyes, preparing to tackle it to the ground. When I sprang at it, other birds came at me, claws unsheathed. I soon found them tearing at my skin, cutting my sleeves even more. They looked nothing like the blue bird, yet they still obeyed it. I used my claws to swat them away as best I could, but it seemed like they were endless.

"Kiriri?" the boy mumbled. I kicked a bird that was aiming for him. "Kiriri where am i?"

Typical. I would've asked that question too if I was in his situation. I just hoped that he hadn't lost his memory. I clawed the other bird that was pecking at Kioku. I screamed in pain. Even more slashed at my face. I tore through them, trying to get to the one controlling them all. The blue bird didn't move a muscle when I came to it. The creature screeched louder as I edged closer. When it looked like it was about to take off I sprang and dug my claws into its back. It struggled and wailed but I held firm and it soon fell dead.

The creatures cleared, free of the blue bird's authority. I let go of it, my fingers covered in blood, along with my face. The cuts stung and I felt like I couldn't use my arms. I figured they'd go numb soon. Kioku's eyes were fully open when I kneeled at his side. I held my right arm, for it was the limb that hurt the worst.

He shot upward and cringed. "You're hurt too huh?" I said sympathetically, "Where's the most pain?"

"Side," he said, putting his hand on his it and flinched. "It's not cut, and it doesn't seem like it's broken, so probably a sprain."

I looked at his side. A sprain couldn't stop him from flying, could it? It probably would've been better if he would fly anyway. It wouldn't hurt as much. "Come on," I said. "They know we're here. Can you fly?"

Kioku nodded. "Okay then you fly; I'll keep my eye out for you when traveling on foot."

"But what if the bird finds you again?" he asked worriedly.

"I'll signal you, and if they attack, you'll hear a loud screech, got it?"

"Yes," the boy responded.

"Alright then, let's get going."

I did my best to keep low, but my stupid tail always stuck out. The only way for it to stop is if I put it in my pants and there is NO way I'm doing that. I spotted Kioku a few times and now I saw him again. I waved to him that the coast was clear. He signaled me back with an ok. After what felt like an hour of walking and waving I collapsed near a cave. Kioku landed and flinched. "You tired already?"

"I don't exactly have wings ya know," I said, panting.

He turned away from me and looked in the cave. "You think it's safe?" he asked. I got up and shrugged. "Well, no point in staying out here in the dark." I looked up; the sky was fading from light purple to dark blue. I'd never seen a sky like that, heck I'd never seen the sky much at all.

I walked away from it and lead Kioku into the cave. It soon became so dark you couldn't see your own hand in front of your face. But of course, I knew that feeling. So my eyes adjusted and I could see clearly. "I can't see!" Kioku shouted, his voice echoing in the darkness.

I stopped and sighed. He was right behind me. The boy felt around blindly until he touched my face. I thought he might accidentally poke my eye out so I let made him stop. "A-HEM!!" I growled irritably.

"Whoops, sorry," he apologized, though I could see he was holding back a laugh. I heard some bats but couldn't see them; they must've been farther into the cave. I hope we didn't run into them.

To avoid any further conflict I grabbed his hand and kept walking forward. I looked back every few minutes to check on him. This boy would probably trip over something and get lost if I let go. My ears perked up and I stopped.

"What?" he asked. I shushed him. It sounded like crackling, not like the cracking of twigs. More like the cracking of... fire? I hurried quietly into the cave. The Keepers couldn't have been here already. But, how? And, why in a cave?

Kiriri wished Kioku could see her put her finger on her mouth. But, unfortunately, he couldn't. So, when I saw a flickering light up ahead, Kioku walked faster and soon tripped over a rock.

"WOAH-!!" he yelled, soon drowned out by his body slamming against the ground. I sighed. This boy was hopeless.

"Who's there?!" someone asked fiercely. It didn't sound like an older Keeper. The voice seemed to sound really young, and it was a boy, so it couldn't have been that girl Keeper.

I saw Kioku peel his head off of the ground to listen. The black haired boy got up and walked toward the light. "Kioku!" I said sternly. "Get back here!"

"Get back where?" he asked, still going forward.

I groaned, following him further into the cave. We came to a fire. "So that's what it was..." Kioku said.

I smacked myself in the face. This boy was so friggen dense. "Who are you?!" A gray haired boy stood up.

I narrowed my eyes. On his head were two white rabbit ears, one draped over his right eye. His faded red shirt was ripped on the short sleeves. I also noticed he had black gloves (A/N: they're biking gloves, the ones that don't cover the fingers -'). He had a worn out grey pants and black tennis shoes. Along with a chain around his waste. I couldn't tell if he had a tail. But I did know he was a hybrid, like us.

"No worries, we're fellow hybrids," Kioku said in a friendly tone. I sweatdropped. I just hope he knows what he was doing...

I looked at the rabbit hybrid's eyes. His light green pupils had a blank expression on them, like he was dead or something. They had better not have found out how to create zombie hybrids.

The boy put his hand on my head and felt my amber ears and Kioku's wings. He shrugged and went back to the fire and sat down. Kioku tilted his head. It seemed like the boy just realized how cold it was.

"Uh, can we join you?" the black haired boy asked.

The rabbit hybrid didn't look away from the fire. "Fine," he growled.

Kioku and I sat on the other side of the fire from him. Kioku smiled at him. "What's your name?"

The boy rubbed his eye. "What's it to you?" he retorted.

"What's your problem?" I shot.

The boy turned his head in my direction, but not his pupils. They remained in the middle of his eyes. I stared. That was strange. Or maybe that's just how rabbits are.

"Did you escape too?" Kioku asked.

"Yes," he said coldly.

"Well that explains the ears," I added. "Not to mention the eyes."

He didn't blink. Actually, he hadn't blinked in a while. But I guessed he was mentally glaring at me. "Shut up," he hissed, and turned away to lie down

"Do you have a bunny tail too?" I growled back.

"So?!" He whipped around. "What's your problem?! Why won't you leave me alone?!"

"What's your problem?! You're the one who's getting ticked about everything!"

The boy turned around. "And I have good reason to."

Kioku yawned. "Well, goodnight."

"My life hasn't been a piece of cake either," I growled, resuming the argument.

He didn't answer. I suddenly felt really ticked. "It doesn't look like you've suffered at all. What with those bunny ears in tact, even a chain around your waist."

The fire reflected on his eyes when he turned around slowly. "What?!" he asked fiercely. "This chain is the only thing I could use for protection! And I've got plenty of scars to prove I've suffered!"

I glared at him. "At least you've got those cute little ears. What do I have? Cat ears, cat eyes, cat claws, cat teeth, and a long annoying tail! Not to mention Kioku's huge black wings!" I hissed.

He seemed to hear me stand up and he did also. "AT LEAST YOU CAN SEE!!" his echoing voice boomed.

I stopped. He was, blind? That explains why his pupils don't move... I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say.

"Why do you think I have this ear over my eye?!" he said angrily. "I've even lost my sister, Tamani! I haven't seen her since I was seven, and I'm thirteen now!"

My eyes were probably returning to normal size right now. There's no way I'd know what it felt like to loose a loved one because I never knew anyone related to me. I sat down and unwillingly apologized. "Sorry... whoever you are," I said. "Guess I got a little carried away."

The boy sat down, turning the other way to go to sleep. I sat down and heard him say, "My name is Meliku."

I layed down. "Goodnight then, Meliku, Kioku."

The blue bird's black eyes glinted in the light of the moon while it flew. It could hear the hybrids' argument outside of the cave. The animal beat its wings faster to report back so the Keepers could dispose of them. The bird soon reached them and the message through the computer.

"So, they're hiding in a cave are they?" the man said to the delivering Keeper.

"Yes, sir," the young Keeper said with respect.

The dark haired man thought for a minute. "Bring in Squad leader Alpha." (What? it's all I could think of!)

He nodded and quickly returned with a blonde haired girl around his age. She had the same armor as the rest of the male Keepers, only she had a skirt. The girl looked up but didn't say anything.

"I have my sights set on a few special hybrids," the man explained. "Bring them to me, take extreme measures if you have to, but don't kill them."

The girl nodded, her face expressionless. "Good." He gave her a suspicious glare. "I understand you know one of them in the group."

She looked up solemnly, showing no expression whatsoever. The man looked at her firmly. "Bring them to me. Show no mercy to him, Tamani."

T.T sry Kris, I had to make one of them blind. But since he has rabbit ears, he can hear and adjust really well to his surroundings. Neat huh? I didn't expect to put an argument in there but I thought that was the best way to explain his personality. As Immabubbleybubble said: Meliku is rebel-ish (meh: XD it sounds like relish!). Translation: He is a rebel. That word is copyrighted and belongs to no one but Kris. If you use it she shall stalk you and get the Mafia as well. And, if you're not already dead, she'll sue. .



P.S. For those of you who don't know what a synthesis is, it's a combination(relating words: fusion, mixture, combination.) So basically, I'm refering to Meliku. Just a heads up.