Chapter One: The Death.

"Ahhhh," a woman moaned.

Two people scampered from their seats and rushed to the young woman's

bedside. "What? What is it you need?" the man asked, a distressed

look upon his face.

"I, " She coughed violently, "I need you."

Her husband read her temperature, and it was far higher than it

should be. "Need me to what?"

"Take care of my child." Her emerald eyes were clouded, and her

breaths labored. She faced her sister and husband. "I am dying" Her

faced pained, but she fought on, "I-- I can feel my heart slowing, and

it is agonizing to breathe."

Her sister wouldn't believe any of this, "But, you must be lying! You

just need some rest, is all!" Her voice cracked, and a fat tear washed

down her face.

"I am dying," the woman repeated, and looked to her sleeping babies,

"And this one is coming with me."

The man was aghast, "You don't mean to kill her, surely not!"

"She was dead to begin with, "She looked toward her only living

infant , "Take care of Adrienne." With her last strength, she handed

over the sleeping child.

Adrienne slept soundly, her mangled and twisted arm safely hidden under her

blankets. So unknowing of the terrible scene happening before her.

"Don't go!" He reached for her hand, and grasped it with care. "I need you!"

"I will always love you." Her hand went limp, as she breathed a last

breath, and the light swept from her eyes. Both of them cried like

little children, until the clock struck midnight, and the baby

Adrienne still slept soundly, so oblivious that her mother was gone