Chapter 6. Arabella again.

By that evening, Adrienne still couldn't shake off that weird feeling

of experiencing another's death. She hadn't felt sad for the boy, but

she felt, shaken. She had run away in terror while seeing him bleed

out every every fiber of his being.

Adrienne was now jumpy, and uptight.

But she was tired, and as she laid down to rest that night, she found

that sleep came easily to her.

In her dreams, she beckoned Arabella.

" sister?" Arabella said cautiously.

Adrienne lost some of the courage she started out with. "This place,

what is it?"

Arabella smiled slyly." Curious one i see... Well this place is

where the dead can meet the living. No man's land you may call it.

It's a place where you can make permanent bonds and promises. This

place is not for the weak of heart. " She smiled hideously.

Adrienne was painfully aware of eyes piercing her back. "B-but, is

there a heaven?"

"Of course. But this is a place away from the perfect heaven." She

paused. "A place where angels of heaven and demons of hell walk

together in unity. None harms the other, and its a perfect balance."

"Where is the boy who died in front of me?"

Arabella raised her eyebrow. "Why, my dear Adrienne? Is he..." she

stopped, "special?"

Adrienne was getting frustrated. Why should her DEAD sister care

about her personal life?

"Stop it." Adrienne charged for Arabella, who smoothly stepped aside.

"My dear sister, you cannot challenge the dead." Arabella touched

Adrienne's hair, sending chills down her spine.

"Stop haunting me!" Adrienne fumed, though it was no use. Arabella

could follow her until the day of her death.

Arabella cackled ominously. "The one you seek isnt here!"

Adrienne woke with a start. It was light out, and she relaxed

slightly, until she felt a cold breath on the back of her neck.

"You cant hide from the dead..." a whisper of a cold, hard voice said.