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Chapter Four

Darkness lifted as Ellis opened her eyes. Confusion filled her as she blinked away the night's rest and looked up at a familiar bed canopy. Her eyes rolled for a moment before she closed them again. She was in her own room.

Trying to clear her clouded head, she raised a hand to her forehead only to feel her arm attached to something.

Turning aside, Ellis opened her eyes and followed the line of her arm. Her vision cleared as she saw an IV tube and frowned. What had happened? Why was she lying in the bed this way? Moving her arm she winced as the needle in her arm protested.

Beginning to worry, she tried to sit up. Instantly, nausea took hold of her. Ellis groaned as her body turned sluggish and immovable. Falling back, she struggled with the blankets but stopped when she saw someone at the far end of the bed.

His arms were cradling his head as he rested his face towards her direction.


Ellis felt instant relief as she saw her best friend. She attempted to call his name but failed. Instead, she watched his long figure sleep uncomfortably in the chair. Dark bags caved under his eyes and exhaustion sunk his cheeks. How long had she been resting?

"A…" She felt guilty to disturb him. "Adi…" When he didn't stir, Ellis pushed herself up and sat up on the bed. The room began to spun but she needed Adian now. "Adian…" She croaked out.

At the struggled noise, Adian shifted and opened his eyes. When he saw her, he came instantly alert and rushed to her. His hands rained over her face and one cupped her cheek as the other wrapped around her upper body to support her.

He brought his face towards hers and looked deeply into her eyes. When he saw that she was clear headed he pressed his head against hers.

"Ellis." His voice was frantic but streamed with joy. "Thank God."

Ellis frowned at his reaction. Adian was never one to pray.

"Adian…" she whispered. She felt him lower his hands and pull back. Staring at him, she knew questions were blurting from his eyes and he looked away for a moment. Ellis noticed his hands fisting and his jaw clenching.

"Let's get you something to drink." Adian stood from the bed and retrieved a cup of water. When Ellis reached for it he pushed her hand gently aside and held the cup to her lips. When she refused to be babied, she stubbornly didn't drink.

"What happ--"

"Drink first." He forced the cup closer and Ellis took tentative drinks. As she swallowed she felt Adian's eyes watching her intently… as if to see if she would reject the water. When Ellis finished, she waited for Adian to speak.

"Ellis…" A frustrated sound escaped him. He ran a hair through his tousled hair and a stand fell over his agonized eyes. "You…"

"What… tell me." She wanted the truth.

He turned his eyes on her, "Don't you remember?"

Ellis frowned and searched her memory. She remembered saying good bye to Adian on their normal corner of departure. She then headed home walking through the forest, but things got foggy after that. From the back of her mind she could remember something bright… yellow-ish… or gold.

"You were attacked." Adian told her.

Ellis looked up in surprise. Adian was close to her but she could feel his anger drench her and she pulled back from him for a moment. Attacked? Ellis blinked and breathed heavily as she traced back the last events.

"I won't hurt you…" She remembered saying.

"I'm sorry…" Another voice shook through and pierced Ellis's memory.

Lightening fast, her hands grabbed at her neck and she felt the bandages that wrapped around her. A flood gate spilled open as the memories of what had happened stormed into her mind. Reeling from the force of it she began to collapse back on the bed. Adian immediately reached out and his arms wrapped around her. He shifted to sit behind her and let her body be braced by him.

"He…" the male vampire. He had needed help.

"He almost killed you." Adian's voice was dark. "You were unconscious and had lost... a lot of blood."

Ellis face fell. So that's why she was here. The IV was a substance for her health. Had she been dying? Had He been trying to kill her? Ellis could have sworn that he wasn't. She wouldn't have put herself in that kind of dangerous situation. Things didn't add up. Her brows furrowed in concern and her shoulders sagged in confusion.

When Adian looked at her, seeing her troubled features, he softened. He didn't want to overwhelm her. In his mind, he debated telling her how scared to death he had been when he held her lifeless, but decided against it. She wasn't ready for what he had to say just yet.

Adian sighed and whispered softly, "Ellis… what were you thinking going there alone?"

Ellis was silent. She couldn't explain to Adian what she had felt. In fact, she wasn't thinking when she had seen the male vampire. She had been guided by a pull stronger than anything she had ever felt before. He had been hurt, in pain, and with fiber of Ellis, she knew he had needed her.

Needed her in a way that no one could ever need her.

She was the only one who could help him and she vowed that she would as she had tried to take him to her father, but, nothing could have prepared her for the alarming rush of fear as he turned on her. Ellis was sure her life was going to end when sudden iron grips locked o her arm and she was shoved to the ground. Now fully awake, she remembered the pain that pierced through her neck. No matter her struggles, he was stronger. He held her down and his mouth drank from her. Take from her.

Ellis also knew that her fear soon turned into something else. Something… shameful. Ellis's heart accelerated and her breathing grew rapid as she saw in her mind what the latter part of the attack had turned her into. Shamelessly she had pressed herself against him. She had enjoyed his pleasure and wanted to keep giving to him. Keep him holding her.

She wanted him.

Ellis shook her head. Shocked at such revelations she covered her face with her hands and cried out when the needle from the IV held her back. Adian lowered her arm and looked at it. Emotions ran through him as he watched her inner turmoil not knowing what was going through her mind.

"How... how long have I been resting?" She asked her own question.

Adian stared at her, uncertain of how to answer. When she asked again impatiently, he repled, "Three weeks."

Disbelief silenced Ellis. She couldn't possibly been hurt that bad.

"Talk to me, Ellis. What else did he do to you?"

Ellis was too scattered to speak. For three weeks she had been recovering, and yet, she couldn't tell Adian that she had actually wanted a vampire to keep sucking at her throat which had caused her injured sate. He would never understand. She, herself, didn't understand.

"I'm going to s-sleep. I'm tired now." Adian knew she was lying. He had a look of doubt on his face but relented. After tucking her in, he watched her. It was as if seeing her awake had calmed him.

"What… why are you looking at me?"

Adian didn't feel abashed as he sat down beside her again and tucked a strand behind her ear. His eyes absorbed her features into him and Ellis could feel tension in the air. Something was changing about their relationship.

She braced herself as Adian bent down towards her. He hesitated when he saw her eyes flicker with question. Although his face was inches from her own Ellis could feel his soft breath against her. When he proceeded closer, and closer, Ellis held her breath and stuttered uncomfortably.


"I almost lost you."

His voice stopped her. Ellis stared up into his eyes and saw his fear. And his love. His love for her.

Turning her head to the side, Ellis tried to not to panic. Of course Adian loved her. He was her friend. He would love her like a friend, but there was something in his eyes. Something that was deeper.

She closed her eyes. How did things become so complicated? She didn't understand. Adian and her were just friends. Friends.

Ellis knew the best route to this situation was pretending ignorance. She wasn't ready to face whatever it was that Adian felt so she swallowed hard and faked a yawn. "I'm sleepy, Adain… good night."

Seeing her pretense he lowered his eyes. "I'll tell your father and he'll see you later."

Nodding, Ellis didn't bother to question how her father was. If anything, her father was the best medical doctor in the world, but also the most worrisome father as well. She could handle too many emotions at once. How could she explain to her father?

Knowing that she chose to be silence, Adian made his way out the room. He didn't close the door but let it ajar. Ellis knew that he would return to watch her again. What she had seen in his eyes promised her that.

. . .

Adian turned from the door and headed down the hall.

"How is she?"

He turned to see Ellis's father, Dr. John Ainsley leaning against the wall headed towards Ellis. The old man wouldn't be considered "old" but wise. Adian respected the doctor and aspired to be just like him. Hesitant to tell, he held back for a moment.

"How did you know she was up?

"You finally left the room."

Adian was so obvious.

"So, tell me. How is my little girl? Is she all right?"

Adian nodded to Dr. Ainsely. "She's awake. She also remembers what happened, but she didn't freak out or anything. She's a tough girl."

Dr. Ainsely's eyes saddened. "If only I spent more time at home… If only I had picked her up…"

"Sir." Adian laid a hand on the shoulder of the man he regarded as his adopted father, "She is perfect. You did a perfect job and she wouldn't want you to sacrifice your work for her."

The elder man turned into a child and started to cry. The emotions erupted from him and he hugged Adian like a son. "Thank you." Dr. Ainsley muttered. "After I lost… her mother… if I had lost her too, I wouldn't know what to do with myself."

Thinking the same thing, Adian didn't voice his own agreement, me too.

. . .

He lost track of when the torture began.

All he knew was that he was in the dark. Or at least with his eye lids sewn shut it was dark. The wires no longer caused him pain. He learned not to flinch and in the process the strings that looped his lids together did not tear at his flesh.

The Hunters had dragged him back to wherever their head quarters were. Nothing could have prepared him for the sick games that proceeded once they had him chained and sedated.

He drifted to and from consciousness, but remembered that white coats had surrounded him, and blurred voices of both men and women filled his ears.

They were excited.

He caught them saying he was no longer a "failure" but now their "test."

Festering punctures and throbbing irritation decorated his whole body. The white coats had stabbed needles that felt like knives into him, and then tore parts of his flesh from his body to be "examined." His torturers also inflicted electrical shocks to his temples to test their "theories," and forced him endure the sounds of his bones being broken as "amazing" when they came back together.

When he had thought he could endure no more, the monstrous white coats had sown his eyes shut to observe his "other senses." Later, when he was still blinded they left him in a sealed room. Only when his skin began to burst with boils did he understand he was in a glass container placed directly in the sunlight.

He ran around in the dungeon, crawling, crying and choking as the sun tortured his life from him but only met wall after wall. His hands had bled from his furious bangs on the glass and when he cracked one he was immediately shot with a tranquilizer.

Eventually he lost consciousness from the pain and they threw him with disgust in a cell. Disappointment filled them as they cursed his "imperfection."

When he had awaken, the worst of all the tortures occurred. They forced him to ejaculate. Raping him of any humanity and dignity.

They stole his semen with injected hormones and lubricants.

When they had their fill, the white coats left with exuberant voices. Nothing had shamed him more.

Alone in the cell, he cowered numbly as sounds of footsteps approached once again. Too knowing to fear, he actually waited for him now.

Death had consumed him long ago.

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