I'm lost

Decibels and lies

His tangling screams

Moans and blaspheme

Make my cradle

In these nights



So do I become

More flesh for campaign?

Another 'goody' down the drain?

I'm arithmetic

I add up to that

That's that that that that that that--


Pull your hair

Wipe you clean

Present you


You'll never pass inspection

You're dripping pestilence


My dear

My doll

I hide you beneath virtue

Somewhere deep

Somewhere dark

You'll glow

Like cheap plastic toys



Freaks gentlemen and girls

Teach you to howl

Like things from twisted dreams

My marionette

Indus'trial pet

The slime inside the drain


Gutter darling

Dada trash

Pocket you

Make you last

Catch your cold

Cough your blood

Death of me

Not of God