Death or Life?

My wings spread
But I keep falling
I can't see anything in the light.
Up? Down? Left? Right?
I can't tell which is which.

He's gone
Gone forever
Only just come into this world
Just a few days of life
He held my soul
my mind
my heart
He shouldn't have died
I should've been there
I should've protected him.

But I'll be joining him shortly
Oh no, not from suicide
No not that
But I've lost my mind
my soul
And I can't survive like this

So I'll just curl up next to you
Keep you warm as your body heat fades
Covered in your blood.
You fought so bravely.
I should've been there
You were too young and inexperienced.

But I'll be with you soon
Our souls reunited
I'm so sorry.

Wait, what's that?
A hand?
A paw?
I can't tell,
It looks like both.

It takes my hand,

Darkness surrounds me.
Ah, darkness, shadows, so comforting.
What's happening?
My emptiness,
It's disappearing.

My eyes open
A cat-like face stares down at me
I wanted to scream
No! How could you?
I was going to join him
I was going to be with him forever.
How could you do this to me?!

But something in his eyes comforted me
Quieted me.
"Come," he said to me, his voice deep.
"We must go now."