Reasons I love being female:

1. I can bleed upwards five days without dying. Hell, I don't even pass out or get dehydrated.

2. I have stunning abs. And I feel it every twenty-seven days or so.

3. I'm pretty much addicted to Advil. Just ask my abs!

4. Chocolate and caffeine give me headaches.

5. I retain water amazingly well.

6. Pheromones are my friend.

7. I crave french fries.

8. Getting pregnant is sounding pretty good right now. I mean, Jesus, nine missed periods? Sounds amazing to me.

10. I don't care what you say, PMS is a damn good excuse.

a/n: No, I'm not going to go out and get pregnant just to miss out on a few periods. But birth control on the other hand sounds rather enticing right now. As do some fries.