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Not All It Seems

I've always been the outcast. You'd think I look normal enough, and I do. But for some reason people just don't seem to either notice me or wish to talk to me. When they do though, they like to ridicule me. You see my mom, Marisa, and my father, Ray, got a divorce five years ago when he cheated on her with a man… that's right a man. My father got custody of me even though they both worked. At the time I didn't know why but now I do.

She didn't want me.

I never found my father's sexuality a bad thing. He taught me that love can be between any gender, and I didn't see anything wrong with that. In fact I believed him. Why not love the same gender? Love is love. I'm straight though. I like guys and always will. My father has had a great boyfriend for two years now named David. David is so sweet and has the best taste in clothes. He has a son named
Matt who happens to be straight. Matt was my first friend when my father and I moved here so he could be closer to David. We want them to get married so we can be brother and sister. The town looks down upon it though, so Ray and David just keep it as a long relationship until Matt and I graduate high school so they can move to New York or some place where no one cares as much.

I only have three friends, including Matt. The other two are Grace and Josh. Grace was one of those "pretty girls" but she doesn't let it get to her head. She still is super smart. She has strawberry blonde hair that is naturally curly but she straightens it all the time. She wears bright happy clothes mostly and almost always wears flip-flops unless it is winter. Grace is the one that was appointed to show me around the school on my first day (since Matt was one year ahead and didn't have the same classes as me). She didn't seem to mind. By lunch we had hit it off. She didn't even care that my dad was gay. In fact when she saw my dad and David kiss for the very first time, she thought it was the cutest thing. She's not an outcast as much as I am. Unlike me she's had boyfriends and other friends. But she's still a great friend and stands up for me when I can't.

Josh is the only "out" gay guy at school. There might be more gay guys but they keep it secret. He has dark brown hair, almost black that's to his ears and hangs in his face allot. He has a lip ring on his lower lip that is covered by a Band-Aid during school hours. Josh normally wears clothes that match his mood and it is a rare day when he isn't wearing eyeliner. Josh is awesome and smart. The jocks would probably beat him up if he weren't intimidating and ripped. But Josh isn't nasty muscled. He has the perfect amount of muscles or almost and he only intimidates people who would try to mess with him. When you truly know him, he's a sweet heart.

Despite what it sounds like, this town I live in isn't small but it's not gigantic like New York or Houston. It's a normal sized town but the law in the state is against Gay Marriage.

My father always loved fantasy and when I was little he always read me stories about vampires, witches, and werewolves. Every Halloween when I was a kid I'd always want to be a vampire or witch (since making myself all hairy for a werewolf never appealed to me). Even at my age now of 16 I didn't trick-or-treat anymore or go to parties since I was never invited. But now I just stay at home while David and Ray go partying. I sometimes still dressed up for the kids. It's fun to open the door and greet the small, young children, give them their candy and watch them scuttle off to their next house, their parents following behind so they wouldn't get hurt.

It made me sad to see the worried mothers . . . always making sure their kid was fine. I've always loved kids. And if I do meet that right guy one-day I plan on having many kids to care for and love.

Now it's a new school year just beginning. Last year I was a sophomore and this year I'm a junior. And it's not all it seems. I'm still an outcast. Besides Matt, Grace, and Josh I have no more friends. But what can I do? Just two more years before I can leave this place!


In present, I am dressed in a tight black shirt with a picture of headphones on it saying "I Play My Music Loud", jeans and skater shoes. My blonde hair is tied back in a bun; I'm listening to music on my iPod as I wait for the bus. Matt stands beside me dressed in a band T-shirt, jeans, Etenies and a jacket even though it's not cold. His pure blonde hair with black highlights hung in his face and was wet since he had just taken a shower five minutes ago. Today he had a small gage earring in his left ear and a twisty eyebrow ring that's covered up by a piece of a band aid so the teachers don't make him take it out. He also has a tongue ring but at the moment I can't see it.

"There it is Belles." Matt said pointing to a big yellow bus coming our way. Since iPods were strictly forbidden for some reason I put it away just as the bus stopped in front of us.

"Mornin'" the bus driver greeted but Matt and I just ignored him and sat in our seats. No one ever really replied to the bus driver… not this one anyway. He was one of those types that strictly obeyed the rules even though everyone knows that the bus drivers break them all the time.

I just sat in my seat beside Matt, a bored look on my face. Behind us girls squealed about their first day and guy bragged about what position they were gonna play on the football team, basketball team, baseball team, so on and so on.

When we finally got to school Matt and I hurried off the bus before people stormed out. As always Grace and Josh were waiting for us by the statue of the school mascot, a bear the whole school called Berry Bear of the West Jefferson High School Bears. Yes I know it's the most retarded name ever but this stupid town was never known for its imagination. Don't get me wrong this town isn't filled with stupid kids. Some of the top college students came from this town. The thing is though this town really has NO imagination. If there were a Frankenstein here or a werewolf we would be the town to run them out with pitchforks and torches or now a-days it would be guns and explosives. Not me though, I'd befriends the Frankenstein. He just wanted love.

"Hey Belles. Hey Matt." Grace and Josh greeted bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Hey guys." I said warmly. Matt grins his usual greeting and said "Hi."

"It's a knew year. Ain't it grand Isabelle?" Grace asked throwing an arm around me.

"Maybe for you, Miss I'm-So-popular-with-all-the-guys, but not I." I tease smiling lightly.

"I just hope there's some new hot guys!" Josh exclaimed.

"I agree!" Grace cheered slapping him a high five, "Don't you Belles?" she asked.

"I guess. At least I'll have eye-candy I suppose." I said nodding hesitantly. Truthfully I didn't want to see a really hot guy. Last year I had a crush on the cutest guy but as always I never talked to him but since he was pretty popular I knew a lot about him. But Grace made me promise that I'd confess my feelings on the last day of school.

I did.

He had laughed and told me that he couldn't date me even if he did like me which he didn't, that he had too much "pride". I was so embarrassed and sad. I had a feeling he'd reject me I've seen guys even reject Grace but laugh. I never thought he'd be so cruel. That's why I will never fall for a guy ever again.

"On another note I hope there's some hot girls for me." Matt said laughing.

Josh stuck out his tongue; "Ewwww girls are icky." He joked. Grace and I gasped a fake gasp of taking it offensively.

"Yeah well I think something going up my a-" I shoved Matt before he could finish. Josh just laughed shaking his head.

"Don't knock it till you try it." He joked grinning lightly.

Grace and I just shake our heads at them as we all walk inside. Instantly we're greeted with millions of people talking with their old friends and meeting up. I cringe, "Damn I forgot how loud it was here…" I sigh.

Grace nods sympathetically. "Me too." She agreed.

After getting through the crowd we all find a empty table to sit at. Since we had thirty minutes before the first bell we decided just to chat and catch up on each other and talk about things we might have missed over the summer even though he all saw each other.

When the bell finally rang Matt got up, said bye and went on to the senior hall while, Grace, Josh, and I head to the junior hall. I had first period Chemistry II with Josh while Grace has English AP first, lucky dog. Personally I suck at Science while I'm great at English, that's why I took AP English this year. But hey, what can you do? So with Josh's reassuring smile I walk inside hoping to god that no one talks to me.

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