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8. Vampires Use Sunscreen…?

"Why'd you get in so late?"

Ugh, overprotective Matt to the rescue, "Because Matt I went to Caleb's house." I mutter shrugging.

"What the hell!" he snapped closing my door and stalking into my room as I was putting on eyeliner.

"I didn't say you could come in." I snapped glaring at him. I mean I loved the boy but not everyone was a man whore like him.

"I'm not stupid Bell, there's no way he's gay or even bi for that matter."

Of course the homophobe would know. Well he's not a homophobe when it comes to David and Dad but any other gay guys he is 'cause they always hit on him. Oh and Matt almost got raped by one… but that's a story for another time.

I sigh, "You'd know, huh? So what, it doesn't mean he's going to hit on me thanks." I mutter finishing that up and letting down my tangled hair and grabbing my brush to fix it.

"You're so blind. He stares at you at lunch, and I saw him come up to the house and just stare for a bit a few nights ago."

Aw how sweet, slightly creepy but sweet.

Maybe he was hungry…

No! I promised him and myself I wouldn't judge him like that! He hasn't hurt me yet.



"So what? Maybe he wants to draw me, he is an artist." What a complete lie I didn't even know if he could draw.

"Ugh, just remember I'm watching you two and if you need my help I'm on speed dial right?"

"Yes Mathew."

"Good, come on I'll take you to school." he offered.

"No thanks I'm um… I'm riding with Caleb." I said extremely quietly but of course Matt heard.

"Of course!" he yelled and stormed out. Damn it.


"Your eyes are darker, kind of red." I say sitting in Caleb's passenger seat and looking at him.

He smiled softly, "Yeah uh… I need to eat." he sighed brushing back his now green highlighted hair as he placed his sunglasses back on his face.

"This is going to be so weird." I groan laying my head back.


"Driving me to school!"

Then Caleb just started laughing, and that laugh was… was…. Was so beautiful and melodic and could make any girl… or guy, hot.


He sobered grinning, "Out of all the things that happened what weirds you out is me driving you to school."

"Oh." I get why he was laughing now, that sounded extremely stupid.

Laughing softly he starts the car and starts to school, "So have any nightmares about me?"

What…? "Um no… why?"

"Dunno just a question. You've just been kinda cool about all this."

"Oh I'm not! In my head I'm freaking out! Really, I'm a mess." I sigh truthfully.

He frowns, "Yeah I know, I can see your emotions."

"See my… emotions?"

"Yeah anyway… You don't have to still like hang with me ya' know."

"I know but I want to." I offer a nice smile but he keeps frowning. Well this vampire is bi polar.

My eyes slowly travel over the bi polar vampire, while his eyes were focused on the road. He was wearing a red scarf around his neck (since today was particularly chilly) that looked so soft it just made you want to reach out and touch it. Below that was a leather jacket zipped up to cover his shirt and then jeans. A pretty normal outfit you'd think but for some reason it felt all the more sexy.



"Can I ask you some vampire questions?"


"Why are you out in daylight?"



He laughed and my incredulous tone, "A vampire scientist came up with a sunscreen strong enough for us to live in the sun."

He was joking right? "What is it SPF one hundred?"

"Thousand actually" he smirks.

"Ha ha, funny. Okay well… Where's your fangs," instantly they popped out. Cool retractable fangs that must come in handy. "Ooookay…. How long can a vampire go without blood?"

"One month."

"How long have you gone-"

"Almost four weeks."

"Jesus! Caleb, you need to eat then!"

"I'm going to tonight, thank you."

"What happens if you don't, you like shrivel up and die or melt?"

"I turn into a hideous monster."

"Miley Cyrus?"

He burst out laughing making me laugh as well, "What do you have against her? I like her music… somewhat." Caleb defended after he sobered. Wow mister vampire like Miss teen idol pop sensation.

"Nothing really… I just think she's over rated."

"Like the Jonas Brothers?"

I gasp, "The Jonas Brothers are not over rated thank you! They are three beautiful boys singing beautiful music!"

"That they don't write themselves."

"Liar!" Before he could reply I childishly plugged my fingers in my ears and started humming. The Jonas Brothers were the best pop band ever and they wrote their own songs too! Stupid lying Miley Cyrus fan!


I can't believe it here I was having a nice chat with Grace, Josh, Matt, and Caleb when a certain evil someone decided to show up. I certain someone who had tried to eat me last night! I certain someone who was Caleb's brother! I certain someone who drank blood and turned into a bat (maybe)!


"Hey Bro!" Smiling Damien plopped himself down in between Caleb and me his arm placing it's self on Caleb's shoulder.


"I started here today! Ain't it awesome? I decided that I wanted to be closer to my precious brother and his girlfriend." Damien explained hugging me. What?

Instantly Grace and Matt's heads snapped towards me while Josh couldn't help but stare at the new sexy eye candy. Vampires had to be sexy, Josh, it came with the job description.

"No we are not!" I snapped quickly pushing Damien away who just chuckled.

"My bad, I just assumed it because he got all angry when I hit on you-"

Oh I get it now! Damien was using innuendo. Hitting on me meant biting me or something… I think.

"You never hit on her loser. You couldn't flirt to save your annoying existence." Caleb muttered his voice harsh.

"Yeah that's why I have sex more then you 'cause I can't flirt."

"Nope you are just a whore."

Damien gasped his hand fleeing to his chest dramatically. "That's painful Cale!" he said sarcastically before looking at Grace, Josh, and Matt finally. "Oh nice to meet you three, I'm Damien Caleb's brother." he greeted.

Grace smiled softly yet cautiously and nodded, Josh just stared at Damien smiling, Matt on the other hand glared at Damien. "How do you know my sister?" he snapped.

"I met her when she was hanging with her sooo not boyfriend Caleb!" he says gleefully his eyes trailing over Matt's body. Oh god. Damien's eyes took their time taking in Matt. Not good, not good! "Maybe next time you could come over too and-" catching Damien's drift almost instantly Matt stood up.

"See you at home Bells." He says and stomps off leaving a pouting Damien.

"Oh how sad, is he straight?"

"Yes," and obviously jealous Josh mumbles.

Thankfully the bell rings signaling the end of lunch. Yay, boring old Health next, I never thought that I'd ever look forward to that class.


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