"SSDD: Sometimes it's just what you say.
And sometimes you believe in nothing but the darkness.
And then how do you go along?"
Dreamcatcher; Stephen King;

i. present.

the silence purred into our ears with lukewarm lips
drenching us cheek-deep into the nothingness &
the shadows kissed you with synthetic smiles as i
felt the pixels of sunrise fade between the binding darkness
my heart sinking into dusk.


ii. past.

i remember when we use to pour ourselves into the
moonbeam sky just to see the stars blur together; looking
at us with porcelain eyes, laughing as you silently choked
on the hollowness biting into your chest like the feeling
that this isn't your home. (and i cried as you broke your halo,
like chewing up everything you were suppose to be. i love you,
i said, i love you.)



(and) the light, i want it again, like how you always wanted wings,
like shimmering darkly in your evanescent freedom.

(but) the light ran away from us, ran away from me, face burned in sorrow
when you murdered the sun.


you told me that finally you found your redemption,
right when i lost mine.



i don't belong here, the way you never belong (and i
wish i was strong enough to leave you, you and your new evil.)