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Private Practice

Part the First

When a person becomes sick or simply decides that they should get that odd growth on their neck checked out, they go to a hospital. Usually most hospitals are full of caring people intent on treating unfortunate souls that are suffering from curable-or god forbid-incurable diseases. These people stay with the sick, nurse them back from the brink of despair with hope, or comfort them as much as they can. It's an almost magical place, so full of caring, worry, and acceptance.

What a load of bull shit.

I know all about the real deal with those sick infested chasms of decay and human stench. It's full of pill-popping nurses that will take money out of a dead man's wallet, or pump up your morphine to avoid answering questions. Yeah, it's all so wonderful. Some of the nurses and doctors in there look as bad as the excrement that cakes the floors and their coats. It's a truckload of hell, that's for sure.

It's not like that for me though, not in the least. I'm private practice. That's right; I lease a small, yet functional, building on my own terms. You'll find not a speck of disgust on the floors and unlike the nurses at most mainstream hospitals with their caved in faces, you'll be greeted with young, sexy things with killer racks. Yeah, huge tits. It's perfect.

"Good morning, Dr. Wells!"

Speaking of huge tits, a rather nice pair greeted me every morning, bouncing all around every time my receptionist, Heather, moved, coughed, blinked. You name it.

"Morning" I said sharply, stopping in front of my desk to stare down at said objects of interest. Her annoying twitter of a voice blathered on like a scratch of nails until my patient schedule popped up, listing off many familiars and new recruits. "Alright, well inform me of their arrival. If I don't get back to you right away it's because I'm busy. You understand"

Of course she did, her head rattled in agreement so quickly it gave me the opportunity to hear that ball bearing she called a brain roll around in her skull. Looking to her with a sliver of disdain, I quietly directed myself to my office and closed the door behind me with a soft click.

My office was a sanctuary of my achievements and my overall wonderful abilities. I was a god of medicine, a real Adonis. Most patients that came in to see me were quite lucky because they weren't getting a fat, old man as a doctor, but instead a specimen of true beauty. Yes, I was quite the catch and we all knew it.

In my sanctuary, I quickly allowed my body to meet with my leather clad chair and rested back, sighing as my body could already feel the tension of today's appointments to come. Although I liked my profession sometimes, other times it felt long and dragged out. I yearned for something new; I yearned for a switch up in sickness that wasn't an ear infection or an STD. Just something exotic for once.

The sound of my intercom buzzing made that despair all the more real as those minor hindrances of life would keep me busy all day. Heather's grating voice on the other end cheerfully announced that my patient had arrived and waited in the back in examination room two. Sighing, I peeled myself off the chair and opened the door. Peering out, I saw the droves of sick already pouring in, mostly kids and overly panicked parents that used webMD to diagnose their kid's sniffles as cancer.

Setting my jaw in the most fake, charming smile I could muster, I stepped out and gathered my patient's chart before disappearing around the corner. The soft humming of music coaxed me along to the room where upon opening I met with my first patient. She was an elderly woman, with squinty eyes barely peering over large, outdated glasses equipped with an ugly rose tint. Placing my face into "doctor default" mode, I shut the door and hoped for that today offered some new challenge.

A new challenge would not come to me today, unfortunately, as I found every person to come in had the same problem. A cold here, a flu virus there, even the occasional infection, but nothing out of the ordinary; even the people were boring. Grumbling about the lack of stimulating activity, I retired to my office and awaited the next person to come lumbering in. It was quite a while still before the intercom buzzed and Heather squalled out the arrival of another walking examination.

The same old routine transpired once again as I stood up, placed on my best face and gradually made my way to the room in the back. Hmm, I can't imagine why my patient thought that he was supposed to go there, but I ignored it and entered with a knock. As soon as the door creaked open I was met not with the sight of a decrepit old person or a screaming toddler, but the back side of someone clearly youthful.

I remained in place for a moment staring at the person before me whom lazily tossed their head from side to side while gawking at my wall, all the while music blaring from unseen headphones. His-I'm assuming it was male-body shifted back and forth on dirty sneakers stained from activity and khakis quite tight around his waist seemed to bell out a bit at the bottom, while unused suspenders hung pointlessly from his belt.

Clearing my throat to get his attention, I approached this oddball while looking at his chart. Printed at the top was his name: Jeremy Wample. Wample? What the hell kind of last name was that for anyone?

Regardless of the stupidity of his surname, I read further into his background. Twenty-two, single and in today for the usual issues; a sore throat and ear ache. A cold, how enthralling. Stepping forward, I made an attempt to quickly get his attention without startling him too much, but he beat me to it. Turning around on his heels, we came face to face at last.

He made a small, unvoiced sound of acknowledgment and smiled at me as soon as we came in contact.

"HI! ARE YOU THE DOCTOR!?" he yelled, still with that stupid expression while I reeled back from his sheer volume. Grabbing the headphone wire, I yanked on the device sharply until the pop of the earplugs indicated my desire for quiet. Another quiet acknowledgment was made as he turned the little music player off and grinned densely "Sorry! I always do that. Are you the doctor?"

I said nothing at first, but rather took my time to really look at this blundering youth. I instantly thought of a hippy what with his wild clothes and rats nest of dirty blond hair, all disheveled and a little long. He lacked anything remotely defined as finesse.

"Yes, I am Dr. Wells. Please, have a seat Jeremy" I said bluntly, not overly interested in being polite at this time of day. He complied with my request like a good boy and sat down on the edge of the table, his various nick-knacks and beaded jewelry making a horrible racket when he moved even an inch. "So, you've been feeling a little under the weather, hmm? Sore throat and your ear hurts, yes?"

"Yeah, really bad. I suck on those candy things, but they don't help much and the ear always bugs me" he prattled on, causing my jaw to lock in a bitter grit of an expression. I hoped he picked up on it, but he didn't, and it really should not have surprised me. How could someone not realize that his ear hurting is probably from that loud crap he calls music blaring in his skull like that? Really, people are so daft.

"Alright, well let's take a look" I said calmly, wheeling over to grab an Otoscope before returning to face him. He smiled at me with a sugary expression and waited for me to examine him. Reluctantly, I grabbed his ear and turned his head to look into his empty skull.

"…ow" Yes, an ear infection indeed, so the crappy music wasn't to blame this time.

"It seems to be a low grade infection, nothing that a bit of medicine won't fix. Though in the meantime if it hurts this much from an exam, I recommend not wearing ear buds for the next week" I ordered softly, checking the other ear to find it free of infection. I took a moment to rise off my chair to head towards a table to write out a prescription for him and to throw out the tip of the Otoscope.

"Oh! Of course doctor! It is pretty stupid of me to be wearing them when I'm sick" this Jeremy creature suddenly chimed in. I regarded him for a second, seeing that same goofy smile plastered to his face, as if he had been given a candy factory. Ugh, I could imagine that a beatnik-looking brat like him would love something like that.

Refusing to acknowledge his silly exclamation, I merely placed the pad of paper aside and sat back down in front of him with a tongue depressor in my hands. Obediently, Jeremy opened his mouth and allowed me to place the bitter tasting wood onto his tongue. The first thing I took notice of was not his illness but that he had very nice, white teeth and his breath was hinted nicely with mint. Quite pleasant actually….wait, why was that pleasant? In fact, this close to his face now allowed me to notice a lot of his features, like the incandescent hue of his blue eyes and the feel of his skin underneath my fingertips. Consciously I felt my thumb run across his bottom lip as I gripped his chin firmly in place during the examination. But why was I doing this? And why was I so flustered all of a sudden?

"Dwactorb?" he asked, snapping me from my sinister thoughts. Removing my hand from his mouth, I tossed the stick into the garbage and turned away from him, my face burning. The sensation of his warm flesh still lingered on my fingers, making them tingle for something more. What was wrong with me!?

"U-Uh…your tonsils are inflamed, so I'll give you some medicine for that as well" I said, fixing my glasses on my face in hopes of concealing the crimson spreading across my cheeks. The sounds of him shifting on the table made me look back to see this odd critter, now gawking at posters on the wall. I bit my lip suddenly as I watched this ratty looking youth turn almost sexy before my eyes, as if I was suddenly bewitched by him.

This was insanity! I wasn't gay! Far from it! I love breasts; big, awkward looking fun-bags! Hell that was the reason I started dating my girlfriend, not because she was nice, or charming, no! It was her rack that I liked so much! Granted she did dump me just recently, resulting in weeks without sex, but that shouldn't cause these screwed up thoughts to arise!

I'm not gay!

"Dr. Wells?" I tensed at the sound of his voice and the jingling of his many beaded trinkets around his wrist as he walked over to me, coming to ensnare my mind with his alluring scent and presence! Damn him! I'm not gay, I'm not! "Are you alright? Your face is, like, all red, sir"

"I'm fine, just allergies or something" I lied, quickly writing down the rest of his prescription in the usual messy way I did. My god, how pharmacists managed to decipher our writing was beyond me. Just as I was about to tear off the little piece of paper I stopped as my eyes fell onto this Jeremy critter's chart and the gears in my mind started to churn devilishly as my conscious seemed to crumble beneath me. I had lost to this incubus!

"Jeremy, it says here that you're twenty-two and never had a proper prostate exam before. I think it would be beneficial, given your age, to do that" another lie, and I couldn't stop myself. I looked back at the dense creature that merely blinked in confusion.

"A prostate exam? What does it do?" he asked, and my body rejoiced! Excellent, he was dumb about pretty much everything! I smirked softly, unbeknownst to this idiot that I was plotting such sinful and sick thoughts towards him. But I was not gay! WAS NOT!

"It checks for cancer" I said, knowing that the big C-word would make him give in to any exam I wanted at this point. He blanched at the word and I knew my victory was nearly within my hands. I just wanted to touch him a little more, I couldn't explain why and for some reason my rational mindset thought that this idea, this strange, unnatural idea was the best course of action. For the love of all things holy! What the fuck was wrong with me!?

"Well I don't want that. Um, should I book an appointment to come back for one?" he asked, and the rejoicing continued as I shook my head, smiling at him calmingly.

"It's a minor exam, I could do it right now in the office, if you'd like?"

"Yeah, sure. It's better to get it out of the way, right? Heh…"

Yes, very good idea indeed, stupid. I took a moment then to walk towards the door and lock it, an action that did not make Jeremy react in the slightest. I smiled at him and returned to the youth before me.

"We wouldn't want anyone to just walk in during this particular exam. It can be a little embarrassing" I said, especially for what I had in mind. He nodded and blindly followed my gesture for him to stand before the examination table. When he made a move to hop onto it, I stopped him "Wait, I need you to turn and face the wall and remain standing. Now, drop your pants"

He turned around quickly at that command and looked to me like I was insane. I would have to agree with him after today. I merely chuckled at his expression and pulled out some literature on the subject.

"Don't look so startled, it's a normal exam where I'm required to insert my finger into your rectum and check your prostate for any abnormalities or tumors. It's completely normal, here take a look" I said, handing the anxious youth a small pamphlet about the exam. Those sparkling blue eyes -so pretty- quickly glanced over the information before he shrugged and turned back around. In mere seconds, the sound of his belt resounded through the room and his pants dropped. No underwear…none at all. Wow.

I felt my face turn hot at the sight of the now half naked creature in front of me with his unnaturally round ass staring back at me. Having always been a breast man for years, the sight of these plump, perfectly rounded cheeks made me question my sexuality even more. But I STILL wasn't gay! Stop thinking that!

"Good, now it's best to relax and it won't take long at all" I lied, yet again, as I went back to the cabinet to retrieve some lubricant and a latex glove. He merely sighed heavily and shifted uncomfortably as he awaited the exam. I smirked to myself and stepped forward before placing my hand on his lower back, feeling the strong muscles under my finger tips as he breathed in. Applying a generous amount of lubricant on my gloved hand I slowly inched it towards the threshold of the bubbly blonde's body. Just as my finger was going home, I stopped abruptly. No, this glove was merely a nuisance, stopping me from totally experiencing this idiot's body to the fullest. I wasn't gay, this was merely for science! Yes, medical science at its best so I could categorize the effects of prostate stimulation.

"Uh, doctor?" Jeremy's voice trembled slightly when I ceased and removed my hand from his back.

"Just a moment, I need to place a glove on" I lied, doing the exact opposite as the snap of the glove rang out in the office as it was removed from my hand. I did, however, reapply the lubricant; after all, I wasn't a total asshole. Sighing softly, I took my position behind the nervous twit and shifted his legs apart with my knee "There, stay just like that and relax. You'll hardly feel a thing"

"A-Alright…I trust you" he said, though his voice suggested otherwise. Yes, he had no reason to trust me on this since it was a rather twisted venture on my part. Still, I didn't care about my oath as a doctor at this point; I just wanted to screw around with some annoying kid in khakis.

With that horrible thought in my head and the resurfaced knowledge of the activities my gay college roommate used to share with me against my will, I knew what I wanted to do. Loosening my tie just slightly to relieve some of my pent up nerves, I once again stepped forward to those pearls of flesh before me and parted them like the Red Sea. There was some slight tensing from this young Jeremy as I inserted my finger inside of him, the tight ring of his anus refusing me entrance, but with some soft messaging of the youth's lower back, he calmed, allowing for my digit to slip in without resistance.

"Uhn…" Oh my, that was quite a sound to hear so late in the day, but I liked it, perhaps too much. Watching for any signs of discomfort from the noisy blond, I pushed my hand deeper into him and was rewarded once again with a hearty moan, this time long and deep, as my finger managed to brush against the walnut sized gland inside "I-It feels weird…"

Oh yes it did, and it would only get weirder as I took this opportunity to slip in another digit, resulting in the sudden gasp of pleasure from Jeremy's pretty, pink lips. He was pretty, very attractive to me all of a sudden, like I was possessed to see this brat as anything but annoying. I wanted to see his face, to see his expression during this and I did just that. With my fingers still deep within the velvety chasm of his body, I leaned over to get his attention.

"Are you alright? It's almost done" I lied, wow; I was getting accustomed to lying. He looked back at me, his face flushed and eyes dewy with an emotion I couldn't understand. Perhaps embarrassment? Maybe worry or fear? For a little bit of show, I pressed against that tender bundle of nerves just as he was facing me to see his expression burst into one of sheer, unrehearsed bliss. Those succulent lips once again parted in a delicious moan as I continued to apply pressure inside him, and felt the blood pumping through his entire body. I did my best to suppress my own groans of pleasure as that silken heat seemed to swallow me in deeper and beg for my touch.

This was surely my lowest moment in my life for doing this to him, but I could honestly care less, not when I had some delectably foolish kid bent over my table and who actually allowed me to put my fingers inside him. It was wonderful and I still was not gay!

"D-Doctor…" Jeremy gasped this time as my fingers gently teased at him, the moist cavern of his currently abused orifice trembling from around my hand, wishing, begging for more. I gifted unto this whiny youth some more pleasure and listened to the symphony of his mouth-watering cries, all the while gleefully staring down at his shuddering frame now damp with sweat.

However, the sight that pleased me beyond any moans was when I looked beyond his thighs and saw the spectacle of his erection; straining and blushing furiously in its engorged glory. Oh my god, I was such a pervert when I felt the front of my pants become tight and felt my penis harden beneath the cloth. It was cruel of my body to betray me right now, but I shrugged it off and accepted the tenting of my pants and focused on the quivering mass of stupid and cute in front of me.

He really was cute, perhaps too cute if I dare say! This show of pure ecstasy before my eyes and the personal show in my boxers at this point made me hungry to see more of a reaction than simple groans and moans of pleasure. I smirked, that devilishly sinister mindset surfacing yet again. Just like before, I welcomed it with open arms and a nice hearty slap on the back.

"Alright Jeremy, you're doing fine. This next part will be a little intense, so don't fret" I said to him, hearing his garbled response of what I assumed was acknowledgment before licking my lips. Oh the fun was not yet over, not yet. I wanted to practice another idea that popped up in my brain.

I slowly slid my fingers partially out of his body, earning a groan of dissatisfaction from my captive idiot before plunging back in hard. What greeted me was a loud cry of elation when I struck his core and as if given the thumbs up, I began to savagely and swiftly fuck the brainless youth with my fingers. Having been used to the simple sounds of grunts and moans, I was quickly taken aback by the new vocal performance. He didn't moan, he couldn't as he was too busy screaming into the exam table, his fists clenching the crinkling paper that covered the long, foam board. I think I even heard the material rip underneath in his fit of passion, because he was certainly clawing at it hard enough to do just that.

"AAAHHHNNN!! Doctor!" he screamed into the bench, his eyes shut tightly as the waves of brilliant sensations overtook his body and turned him into the very epitome of sexual fantasy. Well, for me apparently. In fact, watching this breathtakingly adorable young man, with the IQ of a squirrel, crying out in splendid joy made my glasses fog up as I too remained heated and begging for some sort of pleasure. However, I wasn't willing to let this small bit of rape become full blown. I had my pride after all.

I swiftly removed my glasses and pocketed them to avoid missing out on any of the reactions. Jeremy still clung desperately to the table as I continued to ram my fingers up inside of him and noticed his legs begin to buckle under the strain of standing so long in this position. I didn't wish to cease these ministrations yet since his member still stood erect and proud, and I wasn't about to reach around to relieve it. That's the last thing I needed. Hell, I didn't even know if he was aware he was hard anyway, so taking the initiative could result in a lawsuit. Still, the offer was tempting, but I resisted and merely continued my torture.

By this time, the only sounds out of him were more cries and nonsensical words that formed an entire sentence of incoherence. I felt a swell of satisfaction not within my pants, but in my heart and mind, knowing this pleasure was the work of my hands; well, fingers in this case. I would have liked to continue the process and drag it out as long as I could, but knew that pretty soon Heather would come looking for me. After all, a minor ear infection didn't take this long to diagnose. With this in mind, I stood over Jeremy so I could see his face clearly and pressed as hard as I could inside him without harming the dimwit.

This was all he needed at last as he choked out a long, ardent cry into the exam room and released violently against the side of the table. I had to grab a hold of him when his grip loosened on the table and nearly slid right off it. I felt his hold on my fingers lessen as he panted into his chest and trembled visibly, giving me the chance to take my hand back and clean it off.

"Ah…" I nearly lost my mind that second when upon removal of my digits resulted in an almost displeased whimper from that plush, mint scented mouth. I even felt my teeth clamp down on my own bottom lip, as I wished to plaster myself to his open mouth and suck his diseased tonsils right out of his head.

"W-Well, that went well. I didn't feel anything abnormal at all" I said, and this time I wasn't lying! Even during the "exam" I never felt anything I should be concerned with, in fact, had I then this would never have happened. Jeremy was just that lucky! "You shouldn't need another exam in a while. So, I'll let you make yourself presentable then"

I quickly turned away from the still trembling youth and closed the curtain between us. This gave me the opportunity to cover my raging hard-on with my doctor's coat. After all, if Jeremy saw this then that dolt would question it and I'd be in shit! Looking presentable now with my hair smoothed back, glasses back on, hands clean and hidden erection, I retrieved the slip of paper that would allow Jeremy to get all hopped up on meds.

The sound of the curtain being pushed back alerted me to his presence and I wondered just what was waiting for me when I turned around. Doing just that, I faced the slow-witted youth and saw first hand what my little sexploration did to the boy. His face was flushed red with shame, and his body language gave off an air of confusion, but otherwise he seemed alright. I think.

"Alright, so just to recap: you have a low grade ear and throat infection, so this medicine should help" I said, handing him the piece of paper which he took, his eyes dazed and clouded with left over lust. At least I assume that's what that was "and your prostate exam came up negative. Wonderful! Any questions?"

"…huh? Oh…..what?" he asked, or at least attempted to but merely shook his head dumbly and looked at me in a manner that unnerved me. Did he know what I did? Was he expecting something more from me? I couldn't be sure and merely smiled at him and walked to the door.

"Alright then, you take care Jeremy and come back if you're still sick even after the week of medicine" I said, opening the door for him. He simply nodded and left the room on wobbly legs still strained from pleasure, the resulting movements making his jewelry rattle annoyingly all the way down the hall. Yet, it didn't bother me so much anymore. I watched him leave and when he was around the corner I slumped against the wall and breathed a sigh of relief.


Once my heart had calmed, I dragged myself back into the exam room which now smelled of sex and flighty, impressionable youth. It was a fine scent, indeed, which I helped create. Oh yes, I was so gay. So very, very gay. Well, I might have been who knows. I still liked breasts, so I'll settle for bisexual. That'll appease my conscience.

These thoughts aside, I carried myself over to the exam table and noted that Jeremy's little mess had been cleaned up in haste and that the material of the table had, indeed, been torn by eager, young fingers. Ah yes, I was quite glad I engaged myself in this little experiment since it left me feeling refreshed and at long last fulfilled. Who knew all I needed to do was violate a kid ten years younger than me to feel alive again. Mmm, sunrise, sunset.

The day couldn't have ended any better!

-The Next Day-

"Good morning, Heather! A very nice day out today, isn't it?!"

"Huh? Oh, yes, Dr. Wells. Very nice"

"You're so fucking right! Let me know the schedule, I'll be in the back!"


It was a glorious day! I went home last night with my head clear and body floating even though I hadn't even had sex! Wow! It was so unusual to feel so fancy free and not even get anything out of it. Well, that's not entirely true. I did have a reserved sense of self-satisfaction all thanks to that sexy little imp from yesterday! Yes, it was all good and I felt more awake and in tune than I had in a long time. Even the emails from my pissed off ex-girlfriend couldn't spoil my mood. Cloud nine, all the way!

"Uh…Dr. Wells?"

I ceased my pleasant humming when I heard Heather's voice on the intercom. The ditzy girl must have the patient schedule for today. Great! I was ready to examine some sick kids and elderly people!

"Yes, what can I do for you?" I asked cheerfully, taking a sip of my morning coffee with a sigh. Oh yes, yesterday was the perfect thing my ego needed.

"There's a gentleman here to see you and he doesn't have an appointment…He's kind of angry about a bill or something. I don't know I forgot to ask" she droned on, but even her annoying voice couldn't bother me. However, the idea of a disgruntled patient was a bit of a downer, but I would be able to pick myself up in no time.

"Alright, I'll be right out" I replied and quickly placed my cup down. Making myself look as regal as I was, I stepped out of the office and looked at Heather whom gave me an odd expression "…what?"


My neck felt like it was being bit by a million ticks at the sudden, angry tone from a very familiar voice. After all, how could I mistake that sound after hearing it moan so much yesterday. Oh hell…

"Uh, Jeremy, back so soon?"

Now I was the one about to get fucked…

End of the first chapter for now. I'll upload another someday if the situation warrants it.