Open Your Eyes

Turn around

Open your eyes

See the demise

Scream and run,it's all around you

Charred hands grabbing at your legs

What will you do?

Run and hide

Don't face the demons

Run and hide

It's all you know

Run and hide

They'll just enjoy the chase

You can't escape them.Nowhere is safe

You can't scream.Noone will hear you

There's nowhere to go,nowhere to hide,noone to see the cause of you demise

Don't give up

Just keep going

Don't lie there waiting for the end

Turn around

Open your eyes

Watch the demise

What will you do?

Take action?


Only in your dreams

Here they come,right around the corner

We hear your screams,but take no notice

Noone is here to help you anymore

They've all been taken over

Now's the time to get up and fight

But you have no will left

You lost it all when you died inside

Hurtful words pierced you like the knives you now wield

Anger swells inside you,overflowing

Now everyone's a victim

You let the hands grab you,pull you down

Let the demon come inside

It's taking over,feeding off the rage and pain

So powerful it has become

While inside you run and hide

Don't have the courage to defeat it

Don't have the strength

All you do is run and hide

Run and hide


Get up!



Recover your strength

Take over once more

Look at what your cowardice has done

Blood covers the streets

The town is painted deep red

It's everwhere

What have you done?





All gone

Thrown among the shredded remains

A few more screams ring in the empty streets

A desolate town

Minions rising from the shadows

Your demon has been defeated,but theirs have not

Crazed and bloodthirtsy past friends

What is God's name have you done?

Close your eyes

Feel your demise

You've unleashed Hell