She stared down at her hands, covered in a red substance, seeming so distant and dry as the aroma snd feel consumed her, causing her head to spin and the entirety of her body to tremble. She looked all around her, the small room closing in, bodies lieing lifelessly, just huddled mass taking up space, simple obstacles to step over. She stood up, no longer able to crouch down as she was, staring into the dead glaze of the body before her. It rolled over a bit when she kicked it, but rolled back over, mocking her, in the same way it had when it had been alive. She made her way to the door in the back, the red sign above it blinking occasionally, beckoning her closer. She slowly reached out for the handle.
"Cut!" Cried the director, "Excellent performance, my dear!" he exclaimed as he walked over to the set. She looked at him, eyes wide with fear and confusion.
"I was...but...I'm not..." She looked around, dazed at the fact that she was in a theater, an oddly placed set before her. "I was not just here..." she murmured, but before she could rationalize it, three guys jumped up from behind her. A sharp scream escaped her lips before a strong hand covered her mouth. She snapped out of her daze and ran for the roof, in desperate need of fresh air. The glass sky room glimmered beneath her, parts of it splattered with blood. She took a deep breath and looked down. The bodies were real. It wasn't a stage. The substance on her hands was blood. She could smell it.So what had just happened? 5,000 years on earth and never had she been in or cared for a movie. She allowed herself to fall back, her long black hair covering her face as she looked up at the moon. She rolled down her sleeves, covering her pale arms covered in cuts from the fights the night before. Her legs went limp under her skirt, down to her boots it flowed, the only exposed skin was that of her white face. She became alert again at the sound of sirens getting closer. She stood up, her sleeves falling further down, close to her knees as they flared, her hair doing the same. She let her wings unfold and walked to the edge of the roof. People had begun to rush inside the building. She jumped down, gliding a bit, then flapped her wings and dove into the dark clouds, invisible against the black sky.