Mirror Image

Mirror Image

I look in the mirror.

What do I see?

I see what I hate to be.

I see what I want to be.

I starve myself.

But not on purpose.

You make me.

You put me through emotion that no one can describe.

How can you break my heart and tell me you love me?

One moment I'm desperate.

The next we're holding hands.

I miss the taste of your lips.

And I'm not sure if I am able to live without it.

But you don't want me.

And if you do.

You have a bad way of showing it.

I'm torn between my life and where we stand.

Best friends with hidden love for each other.

You don't know how I feel.

I die a little more everyday.

I feel horrible when I'm not next to my friends.

They do save me.

But I can't always be with them.

And when I'm not I die.

I think about you too much.

I feel you against my skin when you're not there.

I feel you kiss my lips when you aren't.

I feel your skin brush my lips when you are across the room.

It hurts.

You have no Idea.


I see what I want to be.

I see what I hate to be

That's what I see.

When look in the mirror.