The One For Me

The one I want most
I don't have
The one I love most
Doesn't love me back

You're the one
I need
But I'm not the one
You need

When I see you smile
A teardrop falls
It's not real
I realized it all

My love is true
My heart has broken,
Into two
Especially when I'm not with you

Every day
When you walk away
My heart breaks
And my body sways

As the truth beholds
What I wasn't told
I cry and weep
Until I fall asleep

When I look up to the sky
All I see are clouds,
The clouds we once saw

But those memories
Are in the past
The memories
I wish would last

Yet I'm still
Walking alone today..
Because I just can't say
"I love you"

Even when I close my eyes,
For the very last time
You'll always be
The only one for me