Lull of the Music

By Fujimi

Trapped between the music
and the silence of lulls
I grate my teeth for a sound -
falling to a whisper,
a tempo that is so loud,
it throws thoughts into chaos.

Speaking round the bend of chaos,
slipping between the heart-pounding music
that makes the soul sing aloud,
then shrinking when that lulls
into a whisper,
killing the rumbling sound.

Thoughts make the sound
of a chaotic
wave that bursts onto the shore in a whisper.
It quiets the drowning music,
the deadly lull,
makes the heart pound so loud.

My heart thumps so loud
shrieking from the sound
when it lulls
and then booms into chaos
again, before falling to the whisper.

Facing my lost home, a victim of the whisper
the ringing in my ear's that's so loud
making the hope of music,
the savior of sound,
remind me of the chaos,
the danger of a lull.

When the world stops shaking, trapped in the lull's
never-ending whisper
that sets forth secret chaos,
that sings so much louder
then the wavering sound
of the repeating music.

Remember that loud sound,
the chaos that goes through your body in a whisper,
makes the world stand still in the lull of the music.

4 March 2008