The Night Sky

The Night Sky

I look up to the night sky and see your face decorated by the stars. But they don't do you justice. You were much cuter in real life. Jacob…I think. I feel a tear worm its way out from behind my eyes and fall down my face. The face you once held in your coarse yet soft hand. I hold the beautiful black jewel around my neck. You had found it and carved it into a perfect sphere with your own two hands.

I look up to the night sky and see a falling star. I smile as I feel the tears go from small teardrops to a raging river. You and I had sat out here, on this very hill, looking out at these very stars. We saw a falling star then too. You had said, "Now that's sad."

"Why?" I had asked in response, "Why is it sad?"

"The sky is crying. That's what a fallen star is. A tear." I look to where the star fell and gasp for a small breath. So the sky was feeling my emotions? More and more stars began to fall from the sky. I now gasp with a smile. The sky is weeping! Did they miss you as I miss you? I can just picture what you would say if you were here, right now, at this moment, here with me. "Do not weep because the sky is weeping. Be grateful that one person weeps for me. I am not but a lost soul, looking for the light. I am happy where I am. In the light."

You had told me not to cry when you die, if you die, should you die. But those few times I have tried to look back at those memories of ours, I begin to tear, then cry, then weep for you. I close my eyes and bring my knees to my face.

I sing to life

Into its tragic beauty

To pain and to strife

And all that dances through me

The rise and the fall

I've lived through it all!

I can hear you whisper those words into my ear, like you used to. It was one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite singers. You looked a lot like him but I saw you different than him. It is my favorite lyrics of an Italian song; only this one little portion of the song is in English. When your tenor voice graced the notes I cried. I still cry when I hear the song.

If only you were never sick…

If only you hadn't of pushed yourself…

If only you didn't leave me…

You could still be here singing my sing to me.

You could be here, with me, looking up at the night sky.

Be grateful that one person weeps for me, I can picture you saying. The tears stop from falling from my eyes. I look up to the sky and see that only one or two tears fall. Only two comets fall. The heavens hear his words, just as I do. And so, with your memory by my side, I grab my blanket of which I laid on, look up the night sky and laugh your favorite laugh. Never again will I weep for you but I will keep your memory.

I will let the night sky cry for you.