"Guilty Party"

By A. Cerdeira

The customer entered the store and went straight to the counter where a salesman was leafing through a magazine. He stood in front of the salesman for a few seconds and when the man failed to acknowledge him the customer cleared his throat. Nothing happened, so he decided to start talking:

"Excuse me sir."

The salesman lifted his head and asked:

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"I bought this camcorder here yesterday and once I got home it didn't work," the customer said putting a box on top of the counter and producing a piece of paper. "Here is the receipt."

The salesman took the receipt and examined it. He frowned and asked:

"Who sold you this camcorder?"

The customer shrugged, "I can't remember. I just want to exchange it for a functioning one."

"Wait a second here please sir," the salesman said and he exited by a door that took him to the back of the store. The customer waited for what felt like hours. Every now and then when the door opened and someone came out he could see the salesman asking questions to other workers of the store and showing the receipt. Finally the salesman returned and gave the customer his receipt back. He smiled and said:

"The person who sold you that camcorder has been dismissed. Thank you for buying with us. Have a nice day."

With that the salesman left through the door once again leaving a gobsmacked customer behind who faintly whispered:

"What about the exchange?"


A/N- This story was inspired by the many times customer service was more interested in finding who messed up than solving the problem.