Intro to The Holy Six: The New Order

Rico- reincarnating morph, loves to surf, homeless, ever-changing personality(Main Character, protagonist)

Tom- mortal, surf dude, rich, brat, Rico's friend (minor character)

Kouin- girl, time traveler, Japanese, temper, impatient, tough, rough, Caring (minor character)

Malum- demon, well, you all know what they're all like, handsome in human form (main antagonist)

Mente(sounds like mental)- telepathic, psychic, smooth, Italian, patient, lady's man (minor character)

Alam- Indonesian, Elemental, kind, jerky at times, likes beef jerky, scary, (sis: AHH!! SCARY MAN!!) Sorta mortal (minor character)

Evil Flying Monkeys- Must we say more? (Demons from down under (sis: THEY'RE FROM AUSTRAILIA?! me: no, you ding dong. !!))

Summary: Rico is taken by his uncle, who tells him of his Great power. He joins a group of Mortal Angels to receive the Holy 6(the world's holiest objects and Rico) and deliver them to the Heaven whole. But will Malum stop him? Will Rico remember his old lives? And will he return to Heaven when all this is over? (sis:DA DA DA DONG!! Me: -.-" )

That's all I'm gonna do right now because I'm having a freakin' writer's block! If anyone has a cure, tell me.