Sorry it took so long and I was hungry, couldn't concentrate and blah blah blah. sis: -rolls eyes-

"Martin's out and I don't know if he's ever coming back up again," the commentator of the Surf Off announced to the dumb-struck crowd, "Now it's the final two contestants, Rico and Tom Bat. Now this is an extreme face-off! Friend versus friend, hobo versus brat!"

"What did you call me?!" Tom yelled.

"Uhh, Bat, yeah that's it," the commentator lied. BRRIINNGG!! "And they're off! Wow! That's the biggest wave I've ever seen! That's gonna tough to get big points off." The commentator was right, for once. The wave was overwhelmingly huge.

As Rico was halfway up the wave of the decade, he saw a huge shadow in the wave about to swallow him up. He jumped off his surfboard, but he hesitated too long.

He fell and he kept on falling. While he was declining in his fall, he saw his life pass before his eyes. (Not that had he had a life) He was discoing in a 70's club, drinking margaritas. Wait, this isn't my life. I wasn't even alive in 1970s! What is this madness?! While he was watching this guy kissing some girl with an Afro, WHOMP!! He snapped back into reality and his back.

"OW!" Rico half expected to be covered in warm oozing blood, but surprisingly, he wasn't. Maybe I'm dead! He thought. He pinched himself.

"HOLY SON OF A GUN!!" he screeched. Ok, I'm not dead. Maybe I'm in a surfing coma, and this is one those freakishly freaky dreams. And the home care people are going to stalk me, and make me go to a… Rico gulped. ORPHANGE!! While freaking out the about the Children Services, he heard a blood curling scream.

He stood up, wondering what the heck was that, the same ear-piercing scream echoed. He did what most tough surfing people do. Run away, and hope they don't die! Wait that's not it. Oh, run away screaming like a girl! Nah… He was running nonetheless, and stopped suddenly. In front of him was a giant four-headed Rottweiler. It was devouring another attractive soul (He's not conceited or anything!) or ghost, or whatever it was.

Rico stopped staring at the dog in awe and looked at the body of the poor soul. Where her arms, legs, chest, and head were, he saw dark red blood, intestines, and kidneys flowing in the red pool. (sis: Ugh! That's so gross!)

After the rottweiler finished its meal, it looked hungrily at Rico. Blood spilled through every one of the four sets of teeth.

"Oh crap," Rico shouted over the rottweiler's growl. Then Rico turned tail and ran under the dog then straight on.

After a few minutes of hard sprinting the dog was gaining ground. Then he saw a monkey with wings. He asked the monkey for his Sword ,but the monkey just shook his furry little head then he coughed and fell down. "Ohh What a coincedence .What does that mean anyway? Who cares." Then took its sword and shield. He ran right underneath the demon and stabbed he belly but his fur bent the sword.

"Dang nab it!" Rico yelled. Then he noticed a canyon. He grabbed the shield and jumped down the canyon on the shield.

He shredded down the sandy canyon the dog beast right behind him.

"Ohh I forgot there's water at the bottom of a canyon," Rico said pounding his hand on his head. Then he bent his legs and jumped.

He made it half way across the gray river when he landed, but he was sailing across. Then the dog jumped in the river, made a huge wave, and bodies were coming out of the river.

"Whoa!" Rico said amazed.

When he reached the other side of the body-filled, dull river he saw the dog beast drowning at the edge of the river.

Rico felt bad because he loves dogs. He started pulling on its closest head's collar. After a while of pulling, he wished he were super strong. Then the dog flew out of the river. It landed next to Rico and started licking his face with his four large tongues.

"Okay, that's enough," Rico said. "That's enough!" The dog sat and started panting.

"I think I'll name you Reebok." Then Rico hopped on Reebok's back and rode him up the top of the canyon.

When they reached the top the monkey was gone, but Rico though Reebok at him. He jumped off Reebok putted him a few times then Reebok went back to where he was.

Rico turned around and started walking then he saw even more evil flying monkeys flying his way.

He turned around and ran. "I wish I had wings right now." Then he grew wings.

"Sweet." Then Rico started beating up the evil flying, but got cuffed and carried to a throne made of bones.

"Put me down!" Rico commanded. Then they dropped him.

"Ow!" Rico said.

"Hello Rico," a voice said creepily.