Ankles are kissing
Polite above their foreign feelings of height
This public display of affection labeled snobbery
But I'm just keeping them in line
Leaving no signs of the promiscuous quality
That sometimes gets assigned to ones as these
For falsely wandering feelings

Fingers are twitching
Typing mistakes into my poetry
While buttoning up my jacket—
Just one notch higher
Can't let anyone even want to see
My underneaths and in-betweens
I refuse the imaginings said to be happening
Inside skulls of unhappiness and loathing
Roaming thoughts lingering on a fully clothed body
Just one notch higher

My hips are hidden
Beneath formless bodies of fabric
Who knew that modesty has been saving me
All these years
So that attention dealt out
Erupting from eyes and smiles unwanted
Would take up my hands in a dance to retrieve
All those invisible limbs once owned by me
And tuck their sad skins beneath tents
I live inside houses made of textiles and patterns
Anything to get the matter to be something other than the bodily
Burning my curving edges with the fire in my cheeks

My hands have turned into machinery
Clockwork attempting movement but something's stuck
The fact that there nothing left to fasten perhaps
Despite the feeling that I lie in nudity
And somebody keeps looking at me warily
Too many elbows and too many knees
Edges trying to stick out from their coverings
Exposing me

It's all a conspiracy my body has against me
From the traitor I can never leave