scene i.

we were draped in the rolling stars
burning yellow with excitement and expectations
watching as the skies flared with July's fireworks
and i laughed as you dipped your innocence between my lips,
the velvet feel of skin on skin.

(your heart, and you, they flew,
if only for a fleeting moment.)

scene ii.

the aurora glowed across the florescent moon
and we sat on shingled rooftops chewing on dry tangerines
your eyes smearing neon softly across my fingertips like laced ribbons
your lashes cut up like pealed pomegranates
drowning me slowly in your lucid amber irises.

(you were beautiful,
if only for a moment.)

scene iii.
(there's two sides to everybody)

the curves of the horizon blew against the shimmering sun
and i rinsed the bile staining my teeth filthy, lukewarm water gushing
across my baby-padded cheeks, the river flowing down.

you turned your head, slipping marigolds through your palms,
the pretty petals curled harshly in your hand, like beauty crushed.

(and i pretended not to notice;
the tears sinking through your soul.)

scene iv.

i lay my head between your shoulder
feeling the pearls of your beaded rosary chew across my throat
like rising smoke inflaming my lungs, chewing raw cigarettes across gritted teeth.

"i love you" you whispered, december's snow melting smoothly against
the flamboyant bruises, and i turned my head.

"and how long before it all falls apart?"

an. i need to stop.