PeAcEfUl SkIeS

Beautiful white puffs

floating in the blue above

looking so soft, so touchable

but so impossible

beautiful puffs that you are

so white so pure,

so peaceful

giving tranquility to my mind,

to my restless mind

there inside my head

crimson liquid flows

staining the earth.

Oh, how dreadful it is

for it to be mine

in my sleep it comes

just to haunt me

but you, white cotton

that I see in the blue

you invade the sea above

and turns it into peace

the pureness of you

grants peace to me

and washes me.

Oh beautiful clouds,

how I long for you

giving me tranquility,

soaking me with your pureness

I find peace with you.

No blood flows when I see you.

In that part of my mind

I see peaceful skies.


This poem tells you about how I feel about cloudy days and rainy days. People find sadness in it but I find peace.

I really hate poems, I just surprised myself.