this is my missile crisis

life is stark and everyone's a hero

the brain cells flickering in my brain

you're hard-wired to ruin my day

yeah, yeah, these explosions are real

I've seen your work and I like it

man, what I wouldn't give to be living

like somebody else who meant it

burn like you're going all the way down

hit it at the final minute

we give you peace by piece

proof is just a name we call things

I need to get my head on straight

call a number, time is up

I'm already feeling the afterburn

and we dance like tomorrow's another day

purest freedom, we cannot dream of

watch to whom and how you say it

pepper me up, baby, and rocket fools

you never knew a man could change, did you

I ran and I run and I'm running

you will never figure me out

hello blue skies and thunderstorms

we're running out of this precious time

you knew something wrong was all along

this suits me better than my other skin

we wanted war, but whatever for?

you said too late I had a chance

we won't go nightly to our death

you were lied to, son, you tried

can't ever make it outside

delivered, we all had our hands in

escaping might be the only easy part

we've got all the time we were given

what motivates us drives us mad

you were never that good-looking to me

that evil made you, genius

live ammunition like a holiday parade

marksmen on your radar screens

we'll hail anyone with too much sense

you thought you could win? try this one, pal

here we go lightly, as if on fire

helping yourself was the hardest gain

promote me to your biggest gamble

we've heard the name Fury before

don't go saying those numbers out loud

shielded, you are unstoppable

beacons carry this heart that glows

you were too close to be afraid

jealous? I know you've seen me better

can't say we didn't warrant this

you got my back, I've got it all to lose

hear those remarks you can't believe

luring me to some greater good

we all couldn't shake our beliefs

how many times did you try and fail?

we can't all be sinners and saints

call me next time, we'll do lunch

misunderstand me this one last time

and we can't begin another life

who knows, you know, what we all know

you didn't believe a word of it

remember what I told him, Rhodey

we're not lifting worlds here

raising the stakes to another level

grief was my cup of tea last week

you were hired for a reason, okay well two

indistinguished from the rising blast

broken bodies were never my concern

help to be helped, so help me

you didn't tell me you were left for dead

how many fingers can a blind man see?

you know I didn't love you from the start

hang over like the world was on fire

yeah, we made the reparations we stole

how would you like to freedom fight the world?

can't say we made too much of a difference to him

we only like the over-dramatic, thanks

listen, we'll shoot you all to hell

hover over like a man's grown wings

you were screaming last night, oh God

whoever you are, save them first

didn't you know she had a gun?

where there's spares, he cares

carry me over this threshold, it's grim

talented nobodies are getting their hands muddy

we took this time to close our eyes

it paid off, this red cloth

just keep the iron from my heart, please.

((TMK 2may2008))