Guess what daddy?
I turned three today!
Mommy says I'm a big girl now
And I can help her with the chores.

I saw you on the computer daddy,
And I miss you every day.
You told me you loved me, daddy,
But I wish you were here.

Daddy, where's Iraq?
Mommy says it's far away
And that you're doing your job.
But I miss you daddy,
And when will you come home?

My brother says you won't
But I just know he's lying.

Oh Daddy, you came home today!
You smiled and laughed and hugged
Even mommy cried when you walked up
And I laughed when you kissed her.

You're so silly daddy, especially with me,
You called me your ducky again
But your voice sounded hurt.

You left again, daddy,
Where are you now?

Mommy's crying real hard,
Saying you're not coming home.
Daddy, please tell me she's wrong,
Tell me you're coming home!

Mommy says you got hurt in Iraq,
And now you can't come home.
I know the truth, Daddy,
But I hope it doesn't hurt anymore.

It's Father's Day, Daddy,
But I don't have a daddy anymore.

I love you, Daddy, and I always will.