Krogan (Mass Effect) vs. Hunter (Halo)

Michael slowly sat down, his legs hanging over the edge of the roof. Oliver, Sam and Leigh sat down next to him. The four of them were all sitting on top of a stadium...probably somewhere in space. No one cared. They had themselves a stadium floating around in space with the TV Gate.

"Seriously...we have a stadium floating in space with the TV Gate. Why the hell didn't we do this before we blew up the world?" Sam asked before taking a bite from a hotdog. Michael held up a small box with a single button on top. He pressed it three more times and three more hotdogs appeared for them.

"Who gives a shit? We have the TV Gate." He replied, holding up the small box.

"You've been talking about that for years. You killed your father so you could buy a 360, used some weird magic shit and made machine that will bring anything into existence that we think of...and was at any time during the entire universal existence has been on a television screen. So why the hell is it a single gray box with a red button?" Leigh asked, eating away.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." He said. Oliver shook his head and lay back on the roof.

"At least we can see stuff in space." He added, looking at the stars and asteroids off in the incredible distance. Leigh took the Gate from Michael and pressed the button, making sure Oliver didn't see it. Out of nowhere came a monstrous creature. Tentacles flailed around its body. Its head protruded through the mass, gnashing its steel and jagged teeth. Its red eyes locked onto Oliver and it came hurtling through space towards him, slowly reaching forward with a bloody claw.

"OH FUCK! CTHULHU!" Oliver screamed, sitting up and staring in horror. Leigh pressed the button and it Cthulhu disappeared. His face was still white, horror enveloping. He turned his head away from the 'sky' and stared at Leigh.

"Don't fuck with Cthulhu." She grinned. He raised a single finger.

"Bitch." He muttered, still shaking with fear.

"Can we get this rolling?" Sam interrupted. "We have a massive list of things to fight each other. And I want this out of the way so we can get to Solid Snake against Sam Fisher. I was never played Mass Effect, so I have no idea what the hell a Krogan is, and I never liked the Hunters from Halo because you can't use their cannons. So let's see them duke it out and get it over with."

"Indeed." Michael added simply, leaning forward and pressing the button. Instantly, the stadium in front of them exploded into scenery. A large, rocky terrain appeared, littered with boulder, a mountain with a steep cliff on one side in the middle, and trees scattered around for effect. But not mass...because that was a space soap opera. At each end of the arena were platforms, both standing above the ground with a set of stairs leading down into the arena. Michael pushed the button a second time and the two creatures appeared, one at each end.

The Krogan stood at seven feet, wearing bright white armour, and carrying a HMWA X Class Assault Rifle. Its predator eyes quickly scoped the location it had appeared in. It quickly shouldered the rifle and made its way down the stairs, heading into the rocky valley ahead of it.

On the other side was the Hunter. It stood at thirteen feet for a moment, before crouching and leaving it at nine feet tall. An enormous shield was held in its left arm, the right arm looked like it was integrated with the Assault Cannon, which was built into the blue armour, which covered most of its body, aside from a small patch on its back.

"Perfect." Sam grinned.

"There's something missing though..." Leigh said, taking back the Gate. She pressed the button and four cold cans of beer appeared next to them. "Now it's perfect."

"Oh very much." Michael grabbed his beer and tore it open. Everyone started drinking as the two creatures began to move. The Krogan moved behind a large rock, looking forward through the rocky oath ahead. It couldn't see anything but more rocks, a couple of trees and the large cliff ahead. With care, it moved forward, constantly looking, swinging the rifle around in sync with its eyes. There was a slight wind, blowing dust around its face. A few rocks fell from the cliff up ahead, and its first reaction was to shoot. Round spattered the side of the cliff, doing nothing but sending small explosions of rock outwards. After watching the rocks fall from the cliff and land on the hard ground, it turned away and began to follow the path forwards, uncertain of what lay ahead. Carefully looking around the corner of the cliff, scope of the rifle against its eye, it scouted the area. For a brief second there was the sound of something in the air. Then an explosion of green plasma and rock erupted right next to the Krogan. It leapt to the side, hitting the ground and rolling as the smoke from the explosion rose. It got to its knees, rifle at the ready. Standing on top of a large rock, nearly fifty meters away, was the Hunter, cannon aimed at the Krogan.

"Shit..." The Krogan muttered. The Hunter fired once more, a green glob erupting from the barrel and arching through the air, almost like a mortar round. The Krogan charged forward, activating its Barrier biotic, enhancing its shield. The round hit the Krogan right in the chest, almost depleting the shield instantly, and hurtled it backwards against the ground. The Hunter leapt forward from the rock, hitting the ground with a boom and began charging the Krogan. It ran sideways, firing as it went. Bullets impacted and reflected off the Hunter's massive shield. The Krogan reached out with an arm, grabbing a tree, and swung itself to the right, trying to outrun the Hunter. It reached the bottom of the mountain in the middle before turning around, eye down the rifle sights. The Hunter was nowhere to be seen. It scanned the rocks, but there was nothing big enough for the Hunter to have hidden behind.

"This is awesome." Leigh said, watching the fight down below.

The Krogan continued to look around but couldn't find the Hunter at all. It turned around and still couldn't find it. Looking back, the Krogan noticed something in the middle of the path ahead. A large boulder, the size of the Hunter, almost seemed to move. The Krogan primed a 

grenade and threw it forward. The boulder moved, the front part moving away, dust falling from the Hunter's shield as it knocked the grenade off into the air, where it detonated harmlessly, yet still loud. In the distraction of the explosion, the Hunters arm shook, the Cannon shaking slightly. A few seconds later, electricity crackled along the side before a beam of green energy emitted from the end, crashing into the ground and heading right towards the Krogan. It spun around, firing wildly over its shoulder as it ran up the rocky mountain. The Hunter stopped firing and ran. The Krogan turned, activating the Throw Biotic, but all it did was slow down the Hunter a bit. The Krogan threw its rifle to the side and grabbed its shotgun. Firing and pumping away, the Krogan continued to back up the mountain, the Hunter moving just as fast, hiding behind its shield. The Krogan made it to the top, a large, flat area ahead of it, as well as a few rocks. It hid behind a large one as the Hunter moved up and over the top.

Moving the cannon from side to side, it scoured the top of the cliff, looking for its target. The hunter looked at the edge of the cliff, but didn't go to close. It moved past a couple of boulders and towards a large tree. The Krogan waited until the Hunter had passed before moving. It pumped the shotgun, the clacking noise alerting the Hunter, and fired into its back, a patch of orange flesh visible. The back armour of the Hunter buckled from the buckshot, and the Krogan ran forward, dropping the shotgun and moving in to tear into the exposed flesh. But with no time to even register, the Hunter swung its shield around, spinning its entire body with it. The shield slammed into the Krogan's face, crushing both energy shield and bone. The Krogan flew backwards against the boulder it had been hiding behind. The Hunter charged forward as the bloodied Krogan tried to get up.

"It's nearly over." Michael muttered, looking slightly disappointed. He had expected it to go on for a bit longer.

"I know. After playing Mass Effect, I kind of expected the Krogan to give out a bit more fight. But who the hell could get up from ten tonnes of force being ploughed into your face?" Sam replied.

"Master Chief?" Oliver suggested. Sam responded with a punch to his stomach.

"LIFE IS NOT HALO!" He yelled.

"Yes it is...we have a Hunter."

"Oh...well in that case...sorry."

"Fuck you." While the two argued, the Hunter stood over the wounded Krogan. It carefully leaned back, placing a massive foot against its chest. The Krogan muttered something in its own language, but the Hunter didn't even hesitate. With enough power to shatter a boulder, the Hunter kicked out with its foot, shattering the boulder and sending the Krogan flying through the remains and over the edge of the cliff. It roared in defiance until it hit the ground with a sickening thwack. The wounded Hunter strode and looked over the edge of the cliff. Brown looking blood seeped from many wounds from the Krogan, yet somehow it was still alive; twitching, trying to get to its feet. The hunter aimed with its Cannon and fired. The beam of plasma burned through the air, lighting the entire area as it used full power. The beam washed over the Krogan, vaporising its body and dug into the ground, rocks, dirt and dust flying upwards. Once the Hunter had stopped firing, and the dust had cleared, there was nothing of the Krogan's remains bar a few atoms, and a seven foot hole in the ground. And also a shotgun and rifle lying somewhere.

"Now that was fucking sweet." Sam said, getting to his feet. Michael pressed the Gate button and the entire arena, Hunter, shotgun and rifle disappeared, replaced with a standard rugby field.

"Now what?' Leigh asked, finishing her beer.

"Sex?" Sam suggested. Leigh punched him in the nuts. He collapsed on the ground, moaning in pain.

"Now what?" She asked again. Oliver held up his hand.

"High five?"

This whole thing was written because someone on a forum I go to asked who would win. And getting somewhat tired of all these vs theories, I decided to permanize them. By writing them. I've got another one planned similar to this, and will probably eventually turn this into a boredom series.

Now, for the technical stuff. When we were all about ten, Michael had this awesome idea to make a machine that would bring anything we wanted into existace as long as at one point during the given universe, it had been on a television screen, no matter how big, small, or long it was, it would be created. The TV Gate was meant to be a massive machine, but a few weeks ago when we were discussing it again, we thought of what it would look like, and Leigh decided on a small box with a single red button. One more thing...these are the same names from WH because, like WH, they are real people. Oliver is awesome and me, Leigh is some christian bitch yet understands the concept of entertainment, Sam has been with me for...years, and Michael is God. Or something equivilant to, he says.