The wind blows

She was beautiful





In love

Nothing could change her love

The love of Tisiphone



He loved her


A mortal man

He won her love

The love of a goddess

Nothing could separate them

Until the war

Aimond left

He fought

He died

Tisiphone kneeled by his side

Covered in his life blood




For her lost love

"my love is murdered"

She cried

She lay at his side for 7 days

Then she rose

Her face was pale

Her eyes dull

Her hair tangled

Yet she was as beautiful as ever

Terribly beautiful

She roamed for a time

She felt lost

Until she met the gypsy

I must avenge my lover

Tisiphone said

Then look in yonder castle

In the highest room lies your lover's murderer

Tisiphone left

Her eyes not lover dull

They were bright with hate

Her step was quick

Her expression brutal

She was changed

No longer pure

The blood of her love had stained her

No longer kind

The war had killed her soul

No longer perfect

The hatred in her heart corrupted her

But still beautiful

Always beautiful

Yet she cared for none of this

Revenge was the only thought on her mind as she climbed

Up and up to the highest room

In the castle

He was there

Fast asleep

The murderer

She plugged her dagger deep in his back and smiled

As his scarlet blood poured forth

She laughed as he breathed his last breath

Only did the smile leave her face when he turned to look at her


And he was gone

"First my love, Now my brother"

Tisiphone whispered

Her face fell

She staggered back

Looking at her blood stained hands and clothing

"Aimond my love, I come to thee"

She ran to the balcony

As she fell

Her soul spread its wings

Flying away from the twisted shell in which it once resided