A Silly Little Circumstance

Chapter 1:

"Okay, time to get down to business," he thought, a smug look settling on his face as he pulled the already tight black shirt from over his head. He had just turned around, when he felt himself pushed somewhat roughly down onto the bed. Apparently, she had been thinking the same.

The girl who had hired him out for the night for twice what he charged towered over him, giving him a hungry smile. She looked as if she were raping him with her eyes. He couldn't help but smile back. Honestly, as far as customers went, she wasn't bad off.

She was short and small, his usual type. Absolutely no hips, but what a rack! For a moment he wondered what exact size she wore, but knew he'd find out soon enough. Short brown hair curled around her ears, hazel eyes focusing on him. She had already removed her top, and lifting her already short skirt, moved to straddle him. "We're gonna have fun," she purred, leaning forward to give him a soft kiss. "After all, it is my birthday."

He smiled, stealing her lips this time in a less than innocent kiss. "Is it? Well I'll do my best to make it a 'happy' one." She giggled then, and took over. Kisses grew steamier, and hands began to roam. "Double D, at least," he mentally noted, deciding to take over now. He had just rolled over on top of her, when the sound of a lock turning caught his attention. He looked back, just a bit worried. "You don't have a boyfriend, do you?" She shot an aggravated glare at the door. "No. Worse."

The door opened and another woman stood there, letting the other room's light spill in. Her reaction was unknown, as she stood there for a moment before reaching out to flip the light switch. "What. The Hell. Is this?" she asked at last, and despite the situation, he wanted to laugh. The woman who stood there looked as if she came from a convent or library, or both. She wore a lacey white blouse and black skirt, with a matching blazer. A pair of dark frames perched on the end of her nose, threatening to fall off completely, while her dark brown hair had what remained of a curl to it, and was pinned back, a few strands falling in her face. But the best part was her face. At first she had just stood there, a look of utter shock and distaste on her face, her eyes wide and her mouth hung low in an 'o' shape. But now, without focusing, he could see her face darkening in color.

Regaining himself, he pulled himself from off of her and tossed her her shirt, while he wiggled back into his jeans as quick as possible. That done, he stepped over and coughed, holding out his hand to the woman, but her attention was only on the girl across the room. From the look on their faces, they were not happy to see each other.

The newcomer spoke first. "So. This is where your dirty ass is." She said it in a low, calm voice, but there was a noticeable bite to her words. The woman on the bed glared back at her, making no move to cover herself. "Damn right. It's my birthday, I'll spend it any way I'll want to." The woman in the doorway opened her mouth to fire back, and suddenly he left like he might as well not have been in the room at all. "You know that's not how we do it! And it's not just your birthday, its mines too!"

He stared then, looking back and forth. Suddenly, their argument made sense. The new girl noticed his hand then, and looked at it for a moment before looking back at him. "I hope you'll understand if I say I don't want to touch that." She said flatly, and suddenly feeling awkward, he let out a sheepish laugh and pulled his hand back.

The twin on the bed looked at him and tried to smile seductively. "Never mind the nun, let's get back to business." He looked back at the girl who, arms crossed now, seemed to be daring him to move, and sighed, reaching for his shirt. "Maybe another night? I'll even return your money." He didn't even look to see how much he had pulled out, but placed it on her dresser. Right now he felt too awkward to care. "You still have my number, right? Have a happy birthday…" He paused, making eye contact with the one in the doorway. "Both of you." Her eyebrow only went up as he passed her, but the beginning of an amused smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

After the sound of the door slamming, the whole apartment was quiet. The silence would've been deafening, but their focus remained on each other. Then, the one on the bed stood up, fists balled, and glared at her twin with all of her resentment. "I hate you," she seethed. She only looked at her and rolled her eyes, before moving to leave the room. "Put your shirt back on, you're embarrassing."

AN: Wow, a new story! It's my pleasure to bring you this little project of mine, I hope you'll enjoy it! I haven't wrote in forever, and especially not something I intend on making more than a one shot, so please bear with me. I apologize for any grammar mistakes, and also for the beginning of this chap, it was the best place to start. Reviews would be loved, and any ideas as well! After all, I can't do it without you guys!