Unexpected Love

BY: DStone39

Rated T: For minor coarse language, some suggestive themes, and some violence.

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Chapter 1: The Meeting

"…Do you think he's dead?"

"Nah. He's just listening to his music too loud. He's probably got his eyes closed because she showed him her book."

"What! Everyone should know the awesome-ness of-"

"Guys! I just thought of a great idea!"


"Let's leave him. Once the bell rings he'll see no one there and he'll think he's late for class."

"No way guys, that's a little too mean."

"…Come on, we can wait behind this fence, he'll never look behind anyways."

"I don't know, it still sounds a little-"

"Shut up and get behind the fence!"


"…Ugh…what time is it?" I thought. I looked around and saw no one except for some kids walking in the distance.

"…?! HOLY CRAP! I'M LATE FOR CLASS!" A small noise was heard in the background.

"Damn it!"

I picked up my backpack and started to run towards my classroom. Sprinting down the halls, weaving around each innocent student that seemed to be walking awful slowly if they were late. Then again, this school's students never rush to anything, just me. I keep running, making sure I wasn't late for class. Until…



I hit someone, on accident of course. I usually nudge people all the time so I kept running until I felt something hit the back of my leg. Hard.

"GAH! Damn it!" I cursed and looked at the object that hit me, "A rock?"

I look behind me and there's this girl glaring at me; about 6 inches away.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked.

"WHAT?! I should be asking you that! You nearly killed me with your over-sized backpack!" she shouted.

"Oh, sorry… I was kinda a hurry, I thought I just nudged you…"

"…Well, don't let it happen again!" she said and walked off.

I walked off too. I needed to get to class anyways. Then, she runs up from behind and stops right in my way.

"GAH! You again?" I asked. Damn, she's quick.

"…Yeah…umm…do you know where the library is?" she asked shyly.

"…Sorry, I really need to get to class…"

I walk off and she stops in front of me again.

"…HEY! It's the least you can do from almost causing me to break every bone in my freakin' body!"

Sigh. "Your not going to leave me alone, are you?" I asked. What is with this chick? First she's all shy, the next she's like a rabid dog.

"Nope!" she said with a big smile on her face.

"Okay, the library is by the top of the school. If you see the flagpole, the big building with the windows? That's it."

"Thanks! By the way, what's your name?"

"…Why do you need to know that? You asked for directions!"

"Hmph! Y'know, a real gentleman gives his name to a lady."

"…If I tell you my name, will you let me go to class?"



"Damn it!"

"Y'know, it isn't polite to curse in front of a lady either"

"…Okay…the name is Dave…There, happy? Or do you need my whole life-story before I'm allowed to go to class?!"

"Nice to meet you, Dave. The name's Kathleen, although I prefer to be called Kat. It's what my friends called me back in Canada."

Canadian…No wonder she's so weird…


"Umm…aren't you late to something?"

"What?! Gah! Crap!" I rushed to my class, knowing I was actually late.

"I'll see you around school, Dave!"

Kat. That one syllable would be stuck in my head for the remainder of the day. Well, at least until I could vent at the library at lunchtime.

(Scene Break)

"GUYS! You'll never guess what happened to me-" I began to say.

"…Why are you singing that dumb song?" Jacob said.

"Singing? No, I'm not-"

"HEY! That song isn't dumb! Especially when accompanied with yaoi pictures…" Michelle yelled.

"GUYS!" I shouted, "I'm not singing, this actually happened."

"You saw a gay guy on the subway?!" Michelle asked with her eyes all-wide.

"…No…" I replied. Where was there a subway around her anyways? "Anyways, I was walking around the halls when I saw-"

"A cute guy?!" Kairi asked.

"NO! Damn it! Can't I tell my story in peace?!" I replied. "Okay, I was walking to class when I saw this strange girl…"

I told my story, it wasn't entirely accurate but I didn't think they wanted to be bored with details. Paige, Kairi, Chad, and Jacob were interested, although Sean, Derek, and Michelle weren't paying much attention. Oh, and Tim…well I couldn't tell if he was even listening, he's always so indifferent.

"Okay, that isn't the whole story, is it?" Derek asked.

"What? How do you know?"

"We followed you to class. You were running off like a raging bull and practically knocking over everyone you passed, especially this 'Kat' girl. She got really pissed at you and threw a rock. You fell on your face and then we went to our classes."

"…Okay, so now that we have that settled, any thoughts, or comments?"

"You want us to comment on your life?" asked Kairi.

"No…can anyone tell me what was with this girl? Seriously, she's calm one moment, and in your face another."

"…I don't know, perhaps she's bipolar." Paige said.

"Yeah, like you, Dave!" Michelle said.

"I am not bipolar!"

"Dave, I lost the game you lent me," said Sean.

"WHAT?! Why the hell did you do that?!"

"Dave, here's some Pocky," said Jacob, handing Dave a box of Pocky.

"YAY! Pocky!" I shouted as I began to scarf it down, and then everyone glared at me with that 'we told you so' look.

"What?" I said with my mouth full, "I like Pocky."

"Anyways, apparently Dave wants to know more about this girl. Anyone know who she is?" asked Paige.

"How can any of us know her? She's from Canada!" Chad exclaimed.

"Canada? …Oh! That girl!" said Sean.

"What, you know something about her?" I asked.

"Yeah, she was in my friend's first period. He told me she was really shy and a bit clumsy. He said she tripped over the cord to the projector, and fell on his open water bottle. He said it was really funny."

"Haha, I've actually seen people who trip over that cord, it is pretty funny," laughed Paige.

"I don't know, that doesn't sound much like her." I said.

"Wait, I'm not finished with the story. He said she left in the middle of class to go use the restroom to dry off. She didn't take the hall pass, so my friend went to the restroom about five minutes later. He walked in and saw her again."

"WAIT! He went inside the girls' restroom?" I asked.

"Nah dude, you got it backwards. She went in the boys' restroom."

Michelle broke out laughing, and then stopped suddenly.

"That's not even the worse part. You know how the school doesn't have paper towels? Only those air dryer things? She took off her shirt and put it under the dryer."

Michelle and Derek started laughing.

"So, your telling me that your friend saw Kat without her shirt on?"

"So he says. The guys a born liar though, he'll do anything for attention. Anyways, he walks in, sees her, and then she just screams bloody murder. She then punches the guy in the gut and runs out the door. He goes back to class and asks the teacher if he can go to the nurse, he didn't want the class to know a girl hit him. I come over to the class after and the teacher says he's at the nurse's. I go over and he tells me the whole story."

"…Now that last part sounds more like her. Wow, she must have had one bad day, no wonder she snapped at me for knocking her over."

Michelle and Derek were still laughing over that story.

"Uh guys? It wasn't that funny." Paige said.


Lunch was over, and I didn't really find anything about her. I just found out she had probably one of the worse "first-days" ever. Still, I was curious, why did she want to know my name? It was probably because she wanted to sue me. Seriously though, I think that girl has more problems than anyone I know.

I start walking to my class, until I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the 5'11'' terror in blue jeans standing before me in front of my next class.

"…?! It's you!" I shouted.

"OH! Hey Dave! It seems we have this class together, don't we?" Kat said with a big grin on her face.

I knew from Sean's story to stay my distance from her, except that seemed almost impossible considering she was coming for me.

References: The story contains a lot of references from popular (or not) media from the internet. For instance, in this chapter Jacob thought Dave was singing the first line in the Avenue Q song, "If You Were Gay."

Addition: Okay, seems there was something else in here that's confusing. Considering it plays a somewhat larger role in the story, I have to explain it. Pocky, mentioned as the snack the character Dave was handed, is a Japanese candy. It's a long biscuit stick dipped in a variety of flavors (chocolate, strawberry, milk, etc.) Also, this is Dave's favorite snack, if you didn't notice.

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