It's a typical love tale...

Season Colors.

The summer fades like a deep dream;
how much have we slept?

A thousand leaves fall at our feet.

Can an already gray sky become even grayer?

Let's wait for the first raindrop to fall;
it's the perfect scenario to say goodbye,
the saddest feeling we won't forget.

As you go further with a faded rainbow
on the background, you look back imperceptibly.
I grasp the raindrops which
trickle down my fingers,
have you cried like that?

If I could be a compass
I'd guide you to me one more time.

But even if it's the last time
we exchange illusions
at least we're an illusion too,
one made by our inner dreamers.

Perhaps you had wings to fly
and like a selfish sun I burned them.

Slowly I ache all over;
I'm caught in an endless fall,
falling, falling for you.

The fall comes like an imaginary butterfly,
how much have we hurt between ourselves?

I see a teddy bear shaped cloud;
how would it be to hold it tightly
like I used to hold you?

I began to miss you long before,
so why is my heart breaking now?
At first you swore nothing
is going to be forever
but I wouldn't hate you just to feel.

When I see the snowhares frolicking in the snow,
I know it's a harsh winter,
it's more cold and less magical without you,
how can I finish the snow castle?
It seems the princess'll sleep during a lonely era.

Before the spring returns
and the flowers become sweet,

The last page's blank.


to simpleplan13, thank you for being my beta, it's not a secret my grammar is a shame, so I'm grateful for your support.
she's nice and has excellent writings, so you can read them on fictionpress.