Organs. She was finally able to place the sound. She'd heard it every night for the past month, but was never able to figure it out. Now she could. It was organs, but not regular organs. These organs emitted an eerie, haunting sound that reverberated off the walls of the chapel she had returned to every night.

She walked down the center aisle between the empty pews towards the altar at the front of the room. The eerie organs filled the halls with music and candles touched them with soft, flickering, orange light, but there was something else too. Voices. Whispers. She turned everywhere looking for the source, but could find no one. She was alone in the church. She stopped and tried to hear what the voices said. Nothing was discernable. She continued to the altar.

The whispers changed and formed into a chanting hymn. Her footsteps echoed off the stone walls and through the empty, endless halls. The candles flickered and cast shadows over the statues of saints and martyrs standing on the stone pillars supporting the high ceiling, making them look as if they were alive and moving. The chanting/singing grew louder with each step toward the front of the room and toward the unseen object that was her target. She had never seen it before, and wasn't even sure why she was so driven to search whatever it was out, but she got closer every night. She came to the base of the altar and stopped at the two steps that lead up to the rostrum. She had been calm up until now. Now her heart raced and her throat constricted as if preparing to scream at any moment. She balled her fists and stared up into darkness before her. The candlelight didn't seem to reach beyond the steps, as if the darkness just swallowed it up. She was afraid it would swallow her up. She had never gotten this far and she knew she was on the verge of discovery what she had been searching for every night for more than a month. She wanted to turn and flee, escape the church and the nightmare and never return, but she knew she couldn't. She was here for a reason and as much as she feared walking up the steps would kill her, she was afraid running away would kill her too. There was no turning back now. She closed her eyes and plunged up the steps into the darkness.

She reached the altar platform and waited for the evil creature to attack her. She could already feel it's hot, rancid breath on her neck as it bit down to drain the blood from her body and she could feel the razor-sharp claws ripping the living flesh from her bones. She was ready. She was prepared to go.

Nothing came out of the darkness. Her fists relaxed and she opened her eyes to slits. There was light. She opened her eyes fully and stared at the object above the pulpit. The inverted cross. A whispered voice emerged from the chant/song.

"Welcome home."