Glenford Falls

Glenford Falls

Kelly woke up from her nap and a scream instantly rose in her throat at the sight before her.

Pine trees. Still pine trees. She thumped her head on the window and muttered something under her breath. This had to have been the longest drive ever made. She turned to her twin brother, Edward. His head was propped against his window with his eyes closed. Kelly could hear music leaking through his headphones. Not exactly the music one would normally sleep to, but then again she'd never really considered her brother normal. Her parents were silent in the front seat; Anna, behind the wheel of their white mini-van, eyes glued to the road, and Jon, staring thoughtfully out the passenger side window. Probably had another fight while I was sleeping, Kelly thought to herself. She hated it when her parents fought. She might have been really peeved at her dad for making them move at the beginning of summer, making her and Ed leave New York City (the city they knew and loved) and move to some crappy hick town, Glenford Falls in Maine to finish their last year of school in a new school, but she never wanted to see her parents split. She loved them. That's why a few weeks ago, when Jon and Anna's fighting reached a new level and Anna threatened to leave her husband, Kelly actually prayed her parents would work something out. Kelly had never prayed before. She wasn't even sure if she believed in God, but she figured a little insurance never hurt.

"How much farther?" Kelly asked.

"About an hour till Glenford Falls," her mother answered. "There's a town in about ten miles that we're going to stop at and eat."

"Good. I'm starving and want to get out of this van," Kelly grumbled.

"I hear you," Anna agreed.

"This town isn't going to be like this, is it, Dad?" Kelly asked. "Pine trees as far as the eye can see?"

Jon was the only family member to have actually seen Glenford Falls yet and he was the reason they were moving there. Jon was a journalist for the New York Times and loved to write, but had grown bored of writing the news. After doing some digging on the Internet he'd heard about a town called Glenford Falls, hailed as the mystery capital of America, and wanted to write a story on it. Soon his story became too large for the paper and, with the help of his editor, he was commissioned to write a book about the town. That's when he'd made his first visit and after much discussion (and fights) with his family they had packed up and were now moving to the mystery capital of America. "I'm telling you, honey," Jon said. "You're going to love the town. You all will."

"I love the city," Kelly said.

"Please don't start," Anna said from the driver's seat. "We've been in this car long enough; the last thing we need is an argument."

Kelly dropped the discussion, picked a magazine up off the floor and flipped through it for the ten minutes it took to get to their destination. Kelly couldn't help but give a dark chuckle at the town's name. Pine Valley.