Come all ye young and merry,
gather round for we feast tonight.
Winter has come and gone
and we celebrate the return of light.

Hear the copper sing its sweet ring
as from your pitcher the ale pours down.
Call out the lovely barmaid -
ply your charm for another round.

Come musician, play your gayest tune,
for we're hungering for more than meat.
Now the winds have left with their sobering chills,
come rise up and leave behind your hard seat.

Shake the lingering dreariness from your bones,
dance bright colour back into your cheek.
Amidst the swirls of skirts and flares of shirts
we will yet procure what we seek.

Throw your heads back in abandon,
let caution be trampled upon the floor.
Time is slipping like ribbons through our hands
'til winter freezes more than rain once more.