Alex's Point of View:

My eyes opened at the sign of the first light that poured into the room from the window.

I smiled as I felt the slow breathing of Eva silently sleeping on my chest. I could feel her small hands on my bare chest as she snuggled comfortably into me.

I enjoyed feeling her warm body against mine. She slept so calmly and peacefully. It was amazing how calm she could sleep after all the things that I put her through.

In all honesty, I didn't enjoy hurting Eva, most of time. It just happened. It seemed that we were getting along just fine and I was finally letting her see my nicer side, even she was staring to trust me more, when I got an unexpected letter from my father.

Thinking about my father brought back memories that I never liked to think about. His cruel and uncaring demeanor towards those of a darker race always made me ashamed to call him father. Almost as embarrassed as he was, at times, to call me his son, because unlike him I actually didn't agree with his illegal business of selling innocent people.

'Though,' I thought with a smile, 'that is how I came to have Eva' But that still doesn't make it right.

I've been tense ever since I got the letter from my father. I knew he would inspect Eva for bruises as proof that I was doing my job as a master. If he for one moment sensed that I was actually starting to have feelings for, what he called a slave, he would no doubt attempt to have her removed from me.

And even though I had papers saying that she legally belonged to me, he had his ways of getting around the legal system and especially contracts. Nothing was certain with my father.

I was positive he would be inspecting me for any shred of kindness I would show to Eva. Likewise he would also be watching how Eva would respond to me. If I continued to be kind to her, and she felt comfortable around me it would no doubt give my father all the proof he needed to have her removed from me.

My job was to focus on and finish my studies. Eva's job was to entertain and for me to experiment with. Nothing more. So I couldn't help the feelings of cruelty towards her. If I was nice to her she would be taken away, which would be unbearable for me to watch. If I was mean to her, I got to keep her but also to watch her cry, which also was unbearable for me to watch. Either way, it seemed that I couldn't win.

I guess for my own selfish reasons I decided to go with my first choice and be mean to her, that way I could keep her. No matter what happened, I would do anything to keep Eva. I could not imaging her being taken away and given to someone else, or worse.

The letter from my father was simply an invitation for me to come out and visit him. He also requested that I bring along my loyal slave. I cringed at the thought of Eva meeting my father.

That's when I knew, I couldn't continue to treat Eva with kindness. I needed her to be in fear of me. I needed her to hate me. For the sake of our relationship. I didn't want to lose her.

I ran my fingers through Eva's soft lose tangles with a smile. I would not lose her, even if that meant making her life a living hell in a nightmare.

I slid from under her warm body and laid her across the bed covering her with the covers. Rubbing my sore neck I picked up the letter on my desk and looked of the contents of it with disgust.

Dear Son,

Of course, he wouldn't address me as my name. My father and I never had a loving relationship, always one of business. My soul purpose in life was to continue on the family name and business, nothing more.

I hope you are doing well in your studies. I'm sure you are. I would thoroughly like to see how my son fairs. So I am inviting you to come out and visit me at our beloved home in Kauai. I picked this place, not only because I have business to attend to there, but I also thought it would be a nice vacation spot for you to get away and enjoy yourself. I know how much you like the beach. I would also very much like to see how your little negro fairs. I'm sure she has flowered well. Perhaps you can bring her along.

I can not wait for you're arrival, I have so much to tell and teach you about the business you are to receive. We have new methods of making business work that I'm sure you no doubt want to learn. I have arranged for your ticket and plane to arrive on schedule next week. As well as an escort from the airport. Try not to be late. For the sake of our company I hope you still do not harbor feelings of remorse for the selling of an unfit race. If you do, you're even less of man then I thought. You've always been a disappointment. Look forward to your visit.

Don't disappoint me this time.


I cringed again at the contents of the letter. I had always disappointed my father with my feelings of compassion towards the black race. Though Eva was mixed, I still always tried to treat her with kindness behind my father's back, but he would always see, almost as if he had eyes all around me. Always watching.

I looked over at Eva. I could just say that she was sick, or broke her leg, anything to keep away from Father.

But deep inside, I wanted her to be there with me. I feared my father, and the only way I could get through it was to have her there with me. Even though I treat her badly, I've always liked coming home to Eva. Even if my day was crap, she would always find some way to make me laugh, unknowingly of course.

I had to have her there with me. I had to hold her in my arms. She comforted me the way a teddy bear would comfort a scared child in the dark.

I glanced over to where Eva was sleeping, only to find that she wasn't sleeping. She was sitting up rubbing the back of her head, where her hair was tangled and arranged in a messy heap. Even though she looked like an electrocuted poodle, she still took my breath away. Simply intoxicating.

She looked over to me still half asleep. I smirked at her drowsy yawn, the dried saliva that covered the edges of her lips, and the sleep that was in the corner of her eyes.

"Get up and get dressed," I ordered her. "And for goodness sakes, clean yourself up."

She widened her eyes at my rudeness, and then glared at me which made me even more excited.

"Are you deaf?" I yelled at her when she didn't move. "Get up! You already slept later then you were supposed to." She yanked the covers back and jumped out of bed in anger. I turned my back to her to smirk and laugh a little.

She walked past me to bathroom but before she could get too far I grabbed her arm in a tight grip. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To the restroom!" she screamed back trying to yank her arm back. I tighten my grip till she winced.

"You don't use my restroom unless you ask first!" I screamed back at her. "Now," I said with a smile truly laughing on the inside. "Ask me nicely."

She glared at me again. "I don't need to go anymore." I raised my eye brow at her as I released her arm from my grip.

"Really. Well I guess I can't be too surprised. You are in the habit of going on yourself." I let out a bellowing laugh as I saw her recall the day when I had her whipped and she pied on herself from the pain.

She turned away, her face as red as a tomato. I knew she was thoroughly embarrassed that day. I didn't rub it in her face that day cause I felt sorry for her, but now that some time had passed it was fair game.

"I hate you," she whispered.

"No you don't," I said truly amused that she was in such a humorous mood. "And since you don't need to go anymore, go get my breakfast."

I walked over to my desk and picked up a folded black knee length dress and handed it to her. Wanting to be covered she quickly slipped it on. To my enjoyment it fit tightly and showed her curves off well.

I saw her blush a little under my stare, which made me smile even more. I ran my finger down her side and traced the seam of the dress down to her hip where I then moved sideways where her bellybutton was. I poked into her bellybutton, wiggling it inside.

She pushed my hand away as she turned a deep crimson. I felt excitement at the sight of her flushed expression. She nervously smoothed down her tangled hair putting it behind her ear. I chuckled a little at this.

She then stormed from the room slamming the door on her way out. I smiled and chuckled to myself. Boy was she fun to tease. I walked over to my dresser and opened the top drawer. I frowned at the sight before me. My clothes were supposed to be perfectly folded and color coordinated. Hmm, Eva was slacking.

I pulled out my blue silk soccer shirt and slipped it over my head. I then opened the second drawer and pulled out a pair of blue soccer shorts and slipped them on. I would have a few words for her when she came back.

I jumped on the bed and put my hands behind my head. I sat there for a long while lost in thought. I realized it had been a while. 'What is taking her so long!' I thought. I knew Mary had already made breakfast so it's not like Eva had to help, all she had to do was go down, get it and bring it up.

I let out loud huff as I tried to patiently wait for her. I closed my eyes for a moment and then reopened them when I heard a soft knock on the door. Instead of telling her to enter, I hopped up from the bed and ran to the door.

"It's about time," I said swinging the door open. My eyes widened a little as it was not just Eva, it was Tyler and Eva.

"Hey," Tyler said in a giddy tone while standing a little too close to Eva for my comfort.

"What do you want?" I asked not able to hide the irritation in my voice.

"Well I wanted to show Eva something in my room, but she insisted on coming here first to give you your breakfast. How sweet is that," he said flashing her an adoring smile.

"You will not take her anywhere," I said through gritted teeth, my fists balled into fury. I tried to compose myself but all I wanted to do was punch him right in his pretty boy mouth.

"Calm down Alex, I just wanted some company from a pretty girl. It's not a big deal." He said smiling a sly smile.

"Get in here," I said to Eva with a glare. A jealous glare.

She quickly scurried in past me. I watched as Tyler's eyes irritatingly followed her body movements. They moved up and down her body almost raping her with his eyes. "It's not fair to keep her to yourself Alex," he said still in his trance.

How dare he! How dare he even think of Eva in that way. I should castrate him and shove them down his throat.

"She's mine I'll do as I please," I said before I slammed the door in his face. One day I would kick the crap out of him, preferably when no one else was around and there were no video cameras.

Eva had set the breakfast tray down and was standing as a child would before receiving a beating, with her hands behind her back and her head down.

I looked at Eva with pure rage. I wasn't angry at her, I was just angry at the situation. I was angry at Tyler.

I ignored her for the moment as I walked past her and picked up the breakfast tray to look at its contents. Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and small side of peppered, lemon potatoes. I sat down on the bed with the tray, picked up a potato with my fingers and shoved it in my mouth.

I glanced at Eva again. She looked disturbed for a moment, almost scared. For a moment I wondered if Tyler said something that upset her.

"Come here Eva," I order her with only a small amount of rage. It was an improvement considering just a few moments ago I was ready to kill someone.

She walked over to me, her head still down. Now I was really worried. Did something happen?

"I want to know why you were talking to Tyler. You should have done what I told you do instead of talking to people you don't know. You didn't listen to me, tell me why."

"I was getting you breakfast," she said in her defense, "but then Tyler came out of nowhere and he," she stopped for a moment and looked in random directions.

"He what!" I said slamming the tray of food down.

"He just took me to your room," she said too fast to be true. She was lying.

"Eva, don't jerk me around. I want to know what he did and I want to know now," I said gripping her chin in my hands and forcing her look into my eyes. If he did anything to her I swear I would kill him.

She shook her head and looked away.

"Eva!" I yelled.

She jumped at the loudness of my voice and closed her eyes as she whispered, "he ripped my dress." My eyes instantly shot to her dress to look for any tares I could find. My eyes landed where the dress was slightly ripped near her shoulders. All I could see was red, my heart was pounding with anger as I visualized how the rip might have happened.

"Tell me what happed," I said in a steel tone.

"He followed me from the kitchen area, and asked me to come to his room cause he liked my dress. I told him no, that I had to deliver you breakfast. He pushed me against the wall and pulled the dress till it ripped and bit my shoulder. "

I reached up and pulled the ripped piece of dress away from her shoulder to see the damage and turned away in rage when I saw a small red bit mark on her shoulder.

I closed my eyes trying my hardest to contain the wrath I felt. But it wasn't working. The only thing that would satisfy me right now was my foot in his ass. What nerve he had to actually put his mark on her!

Who the hell did he think he was! Touching what was clearly mine! I was insane with rage.

I stormed from the room, to where Tyler's dorm was and knocked calmly on the door so he would open it. And open it he did, only his eyes widened when he saw that it was me. My blood boiled at the sight of his pretty boy face. A face I would have no problem wrecking and beating to a pulp.

I grabbed his shirt pushing him into the room, letting myself in as I slammed the door behind me. I saw true fear in his eyes as I pushed him to the ground and delivered a hard punch to his face. I punched him again, again, and again.

I watched him spit out blood in a dazed manor. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him up to my face, "who the hell do you think you are! You touch her again, and I will kill you! Don't you dare touch her!"

He looked up at me and smiled slightly, "I never knew you had such feelings for a Negro. Tell me, does you father know?" I punched him again and threw him across the room watching him roll into the wall with a loud thud.

He clutched his chest for breath and then looked over to me with a smile still playing on his lips. "You can hit me as much as you like Alex; it's not going to change the fact that you like a nigger. I just wanted a piece of it.

I ran over to him again, all I could see was red. He tried to push me away but I was stronger than him, and my drive was more aggressive. I pulled him up and kneed him in his stomach several times and once more in his groin. I watched as he doubled over in pain clutching himself.

I stood up, my breath heavy. "The only feelings I have for her is that she is my property. And if you ever touch my property again, I will make your life a living hell. You stay the hell away from her," I said as I kicked him in his side one last time before storming out.

I opened the door to my dorm, shutting it behind me as I stepped in. I looked down at my wrinkled jersey and saw that I had gotten some of Tyler's blood on it. I huffed in frustration, but I was satisfied that I got to use him as my punching bag for awhile. His beating was long over due.

Eva was sitting on the edge of my bed looking at her hands in her lap. I wanted to hold her but I resisted the urge.

She looked over to me and smiled slightly. "Thank you," she whispered.

I averted my eyes away in a slight blush, "for what?" I jumped on the bed making her bounce, laid back and picked up my breakfast tray.

"For what you just did," she said looking at the blood on my jersey. I saw the color of pink appear in her cheeks.

I guess to cover my emotion; I shook off the tingling sensation of flattery, sat up and looked into her eyes. "Let's get something straight. I don't want you getting the wrong idea. The only reason I did that was to protect what is mine. My property. That's what you are. If you think it was for any other reason you're sorely mistaken. In reality, I could care less what he did to you; I just don't like the fact that he's touching what is mine."

She nodded still slightly smiling. "If you say so," she whispered.

"That's what it is," I said in a stern tone. "Don't go thinking it was for any other reason." I shoved a few potatoes into my mouth feeling that uneasy feeling that she wasn't going for my cover story. Well neither was I, but I had to say something other then, 'I did it because I'm madly attracted to you and I can't stand the sight of another man touching you when it should only be me.'

"Still," she said with a small smile, "thanks."

"Whatever," I said sliding a piece of bacon into my mouth. I felt a warm sensation flow through my body at her words, but I tried to push them away by shoving food in my mouth.

I looked around the room for something to break the romantic air. Every time I thought of her in a romantic way, I saw my father and then was reminded of the nearing visit.

"By the way," I said with a full mouth, "my clothes are a mess. They're supposed to be folded and color coordinated. You're slacking in your work. Besides, its not like you have a real life, you're job is to cater to my needs. And apparently, you're not even doing that."

"I'm sorry," she said getting up from the bed and walking over to my drawers. She opened them and started to rearrange them slowly.

Wow, that was fast. I was expecting some quick smart remark, but she seemed perfectly content, and in agreement of my words. Weird.

Perhaps she was still dazed and overwhelmed from my actions.

And perhaps this was a good time to tell her about my trip to Father's.

"Eva," I said setting the plate of food down on my nightstand. "I'm going to my Father's and you're coming along with me. The trip is next week so I hope you'll be packed and ready."

The best way to break it to her I assumed was to treat it like a band-aid. Quick, and fast so as to not draw any pain. She seemed surprised because she stopped folding and looked at me.

"You're taking me on a trip?" Her eyes were a little wider then usual.

"I wouldn't really call it a trip, but yeah I'm taking you on an outing." She smiled a wide grin.

"Really?" I smirked at her overexcited demeanor. I knew Eva had never traveled anywhere in her entire life.

"I wouldn't get too excited; it's not really a joyous trip." She turned back to her work folding faster then before with a wide smile on her lips.

"I would like to meet your father," she said in a low voice.

I looked at her and felt some sort of pity for her, "no you don't. He's not really what I'd call a father."

"I'm sure he can't be worse then you," she said in a playful tone.

"But he is," I whispered too low for her hear. "He's so much worse then me Eva." In fact I'd be willing to say I'm a saint compared to him.

A short Chaper, I know. But it's just to let you all know where the stroy is going so far.