Alright, this is a special chapter. Not only does it detail what the characters do in between Storylines, it is also a chronology. This is me filling in plot holes. They were meant to be filled in during the finale, but I dun plum forgot. Anyway, This is part Intermission, part Authors note, and part chronology of what happened before and after Dim woke up at the beginning of the story. Anyway, I'll send you in to see what Dim and TARDIE are doing.


Dim stared at the console for a long time. He had gotten used to life aboard ship, and even had gotten the engines to 120 capacity with a few new repairs. Now, he was trying to develop a neural net for the SB-41 corpse he had lying around. This wasn't very easy. First, he took the old one, made a few changes, and turned it on. He was going to miss those eyebrows.

Then he tried developing a new one using the basic design of the first, which is when he lost the second eyebrow. He was now programming a completely new neural net from scratch, something, in his previous life, he had a knack for. But his one was proving difficult. He was trying to make it compatible with the current body, but also to have a removable motherboard, so that it could easily move from one body to the other. To anyone with less than three degrees in computer programming, this was extraordinarily difficult.

First, the body was immensely picky about what neural net it accepted. Second, the neural net programming software had been corrupted during the time He and Sifl had been in cold sleep. Third, the body was going to need extensive repairs thanks to the blaster shot that had saved his life earlier on the Station.

Dim sighed. This was going to take a while.


"Yes, master?"


"Yes, it seemed appropriate."

"Okay then. Run a diagnostic on the neural net software, then give me a link to the Ansible network."


"I need some new software."


Alright, chronology. First of all, Dim and Sifl owned a ship, referred to as the GSS Suicidal Insanity. They ran a cargo hauling, bounty hunting, generally what ever needed to be done business. Unfortunately, they accidentally committed an act (Which will be delved into later, and they currently have no knowledge of, besides what HoloDim told our Dim) that caused them to be sent to the Space Confederation starship SCS Osiris. They lived on the ship for about two months. Of course, as he mentioned, SB-41 was serving as a false repair and protocol robot on the Osiris. As both Dim and Sifl had bounties, he decided to stalk them. About this time, the legal process cleared them of the thing they did, and they were put in cold sleep. Strangely, a mysterious ship came out of hyperspace and fired upon the Osiris. This put a stop to SB's plans to sabotage the ship. However, this opened a whole new world of possibilities for taking in his bounties. He recommended to the captain to land at a station for repairs, and since they were close to the Hornhead nebula at the time, the they landed at the research station, where the majority of the story took place.

Now, thanks to a few cleverly placed explosives, the Osiris went from "Damaged", to severely damaged. Leading to the overtaxing of the workers. SB, being the clever sneak he is, took the identity of one of the crewmembers of the Osiris. He contacted several crewmembers (Including Cordien), and told them of the bounty on Dim and Sifl's heads in the criminal underground, which was due to the same act that got them onto the Osiris in the first place. Convincing them to help, Cordien and his pals helped set up the virus. Finally, the service and maintenance droids went berserk, destroying the Osiris.

This is when our heroes come in, Dim awoke in the cryo storage lockers, thanks to TARDIE, who had not contracted the virus. He woke up Sifl, and they set off in the adventures detailed in the series.


Sifl was bored. She sat in the captains seat, swiveling back and forth, occasionally going for a full spin. She had nothing to do for the entire trip. She had read almost the entire ships library (Both she and Dim read like lightning), and beaten every game in the VR terminal and the CD-ROM library twice. Hyperspace was a long and boring process, like the DMV without all the standing.

One thing she hadn't done, she realized, is plan wherever in space this hunk of steel was going. She had browsed the galaxy map a few times, and there existed many a place that could suit their needs, Las Novas, the hyperspace ports of Llewellyn VIII, anywhere, really.

She called Lemmy to the bridge. She needed some company, and Dim was busy fixing the droid. She told him a thousand times to leave it alone, but he had an addiction to robotics. He had already stuck a few extra lasers on Lemmy. "Just in case!" He shouted, defending his actions.

Lemmy arrived. "Hey there, big sis!"

"Oh, I'm your sister now, am I?"

"Well, err..."

Sifl grinned, and uncommon sight. Usually, in between streams of curses, she would toss off the occasional insult against him, but grinning? This was something he didn't understand.

"Well, anyway, what do you need?"

"I need someone to talk to."

"So, use chose me? Rather than Dimmy boy? Or TARDIE? You might as well talk to the coffee machine if you want a good conversation."

"Dim and TARDIE are busy, besides, I don't know you that well."

"That makes two of us, the only thing I know how to do is fix shit. I don't even understand my own behavioral network."

"Well, I have no need to get into a discussion about feelings, I need someone to help me decide on where we go from here?"

"Well, didn't we decide that when the Cat jumped on the big button last week?"

"We plotted all the algebra, but we still need a destination.

"So for the last week, we drifted through hyperspace without a destination?"

"Destinations aren't required until the end of the trip, when we disengage."

"Ah, so, where do you think we aught to go?"

"Why do you think you're here?"

"Cleaning lavatories?"

"No, but you can get right back to that when we're done."

Sifl called up the galaxy map and began to list destinations.


The original Zeta something that you read was inspired by LynchLand episode 20, as previously mentioned. But I have been inspired to write this since before I even got the little writers gene into my head. Back in 7th grade, I wrote an outline for a short story, and never touched it. However, it followed the same basic premise, Amnesia, guns and robots. I was also inspired by Issac Asimov's Robot City, which for some strange reason I happened to listen to.


Dim sat over the droid for quite a while. This was the most fussy machine he had ever had to deal with. He finally altered the motherboard in a way that it would accept the neural net he had built for it, and it belched smoke at him. He was sick of this crap.

Sifl walked in, noticing the depression her companion was in. "Hey man, still trying to fix that thing that nearly killed you?"

"No, I've decided to turn this old corpse into a banana daiquiri maker, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK!"

"Hey, relax, we finally came up with where we're going."


"We're headed over to Quang's Take-out Asteroid(tm)!"


"Oh come on, be a little more exited than that."

"I would be if I could get this pile of junk to work."

"...Have you tried plugging it in?"

Dim began to twitch. He froze for a moment.

"Oh dear," Sifl began to worry. She stood up, and calmly, without any sudden movements, ran like hell.



In reality, Zeta Something was merely meant to be a filler while I got a single chapter ready for publishing. However, I had too damn much fun with it, so I continue. YAY!.


Dim's hand nervously sat on the power switch. He wasn't sure if the machine he had fixed would burn him to death, or be a valuable asset to the crew.

He flipped the switch.


"Hey, the microwave works!"

"Great," Sifl said idly. "Now can we see if the death trap works?"

"Oh, right."


The Droid came to life. His mini-engines clicked as they took control of his body. The android brain came to life. He sat up.

"Greeting: Hello there master, this is Unit SB-42, is there something you need killed?"



Alright, thats the end of the Intermission, I hope you enjoied it. And now for more fun facts!

Character Phobias

Dim: Lime Jello

Sifl: SB-41

SB-42: An Empty Gun

Lemmy: Maple Logs

TARDIE: Everything

Favorite Television Show

Dim: Red Dwarf & Firefly

Sifl: Firefly

SB-42: The Atrocity Channel

\Lemmy: Sifl and Olly

TARDIE: Monty Python