"You know, there's something satisfying about fucking in a closet." Kook remarked loudly, stretching back. His t-shirt shimmied up a bit on his slender frame and he noted, with pleasure, the way that Ant kept his eyes on that strip of skin, even as the other gave him a warning glance. Their remaining room-mate turned with a clearly confused look, his eyebrows knitted together.

"Why would you fuck Sophie in the closet? Her parents practically fund this school, she's probably got silk sheets on her king-size-four-poster bed."

Ant gave a wry smile as he listened closely to their conversation, but kept his head in his book. From there, he could see Kook grinning mischievously and it took all of his strength to keep from kissing that smirk off.

Because, of course, they totally weren't in a relationship.

Totally not.

"Well…elementary, my dear Watson." Kook smiled at Ant from the other side of the room and Ant shook his head slightly from behind his book.

"You know, you make me lose all respect for you when you bring up these little escapades of yours. And that quote wasn't in the books, dimwit." Ant added to the conversation, somewhat spitefully. But Kook had taken a risk…Idiot.

"Oh Ant, sometimes your harsh words make my heart bleed and my tears threaten to spill out of my huge anime eyes. Seriously, bite me."

"Ant, Kook, break it up. Not another detention for fighting, please. Another lunchtime spent with Matt and I'll scream." Their room-mate turned to them, almost serious. "But anyway, I'm going to bed now. Don't be too late up, yeah?"

The two nodded, almost synchronised, and for a moment Ant thought that the two of them had something beyond the meaningless sex, but he was proven wrong when Seb had turned the corner and Kook jumped from his place on the sofa to on top of Ant.

"No, Kook, don't." Ant struggled beneath Kook, trying to push him off, but Kook carried on, whispering things that didn't make sense into Ant's ear and for a minute, the smaller boy was lost in the moment, but he managed to get a grip on himself and, closing his eyes for a brief second, clenched his fist and slammed it into Kook's jaw. In the time of the after-effect, Ant had managed to scramble from underneath Kook.

""What the fuck?!"
"I told you to get off me of me." Ant was crouched in the corner, breathing a little heavily, his hair falling into his face. Sadly, his bad-ass stance was somewhat diminished by the fact that Kook thought he'd never looked more fuckable than that moment.

"I'm going to bed. Stay away."

"Damn, I was hoping that was an invitation."

Ant turned back with a look of…disgust? Malice? Kook wasn't quite sure why they were sleeping together. Wait. Not sleeping. Sleeping would imply that there was cuddling and since cuddling was romantic…They didn't do it. Nope. Not even that time that Ant nearly collapsed and so Kook held him in his arms. That was only because it would suck for his fuck-buddy to die.

They weren't even friends, not really. Just kind of….attracted to each other. But, mind you, Kook mused, Ant hadn't exactly been the most willing participant recently…Hm. He'd have to find someone new.

By the time that Kook had decided upon this idea, Ant had left the boy alone in their common room. Oh well. It wasn't as if he'd mind that Kook was going to go and find a new person to screw, was it?

With this last thought in his head, he traipsed out of the room to scour the corridors for late-sleepers. Fun.