Devil cake.

People who are in this darkness
they search for the light
what if the light burns them?
Maybe.. They'dn't search it anymore
'cause the fear is too big
to release it, but...

I'm not afraid in this darkness
since I met you, my days lighted a bit.

The first angel has fallen
it's raining feathers.

The wings turn into blackness
let me hold you for a moment.

I can't wake you up
it's the eternal sleep?

Though I can't dream anymore
I choose to be with you.

I fall too

Catch me, Catch me
Catch me, Catch me
Catch me, Love me.

True wounds don't hurt
I haven't seen your tears
you can cry quietly.

Sometimes I hear bells from church
I don't know what's the first time I went.

I don't even remember how to pray
but I hope you to show a smile to your beloved.

I'll just be with you in the eternal sleep
so please look at me before you close your eyes.

I'd like you to know
I never gave up believing in you.

Love me, Love me
Love me, Love me
Love me, need me.

Important things are hard to say
What if it's not what you mean
let your heart rest in peace.

Sunlights don't reach here
a lot of flowers have flourished.

In this reality which
angels don't exist
accompany me to be alone.

In this life which
everybody waits for the grand final
let's live for the last time.

Let's live for the last time.
Let's live for the last time.
Let's live...
Open our eyes.

You've run too much
walk with me, now.


actually Devil cake is a chocolate cake, and this poem is a counterpart to my Angel cake song.