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One: A Loveless Month?

Two years had passed since Gensho and Reiji had fallen in love with each other. It was working out perfectly for them, and they couldn't have asked for anything better. Kagumo was still living happily with them, and Takano and Yumi still worked at the house. Their friendship had grown much stronger over the years, though. And although Kagumo thought of him and Gensho as "friends with benefits", Gensho still had trouble getting him to sleep in his own room. Nonetheless, it never made things awkward.

Their personalities may not have changed much, but their appearances did. Gensho actually had his hair cut short; a little above shoulder's length. He has gotten taller as well, but Reiji was still taller than him. Seeing as he was now 22 and the blonde was now only 17.

Reiji had changed his appearance so much that at first glance you wouldn't know it was him. His dirty-blonde hair had been dyed black, and was slightly longer. He had also grown a bit more muscular. But the actor was still slim. His brown eyes had gotten a special eye tattoo, and now had green lines coming out from the pupil.

Kagumo, Takano, and Yumi really hadn't changed so much. They just looked older. And Kagumo no longer wore the same blue shirt and black jeans. Most often he wore a purple shirt with a green, unbuttoned jacket and blue jeans. The girls still wore their work uniforms.

On this day, Gensho and Kagumo were downstairs in that fancy basement of Reiji's, doing karaoke. They were bored and decided to do that. Though only Gensho was actually pretty good, and Kagumo was okay. But they weren't the best. Not at all.

"You're so gay and you don't even like boys!" sang the blonde. They were singing "Ur So Gay" by Katy Perry. "No you don't even like, no you don't even like, no you don't even like boys!" He held the microphone to his mouth, beating his foot to the beat of the music. Kagumo did the same, only he wasn't really singing at this point. "You're so gay and you don't even like boys! No you don't even like, no you don't even like, no you don't even liiikkee…"

"PENIS!" both boys screamed. They then fell against the sofa, laughing. The music had ended and the screen on the T.V. showed that Gensho had completed the level with an A.

"That is my favorite line in the whole song," Kagumo said, calming his laugh. Gensho nodded in agreement. "And yet, I happen to love penis." He smiled proudly.

Gensho stood up and threw his hands in the air, spinning around happily. "I love penis!!" he shouted. Kagumo laughed again and joined him. "We love penis!" They continued to dance a bit longer when Yumi was seen walking down the stairs.

"What's with all the noise?" she asked. She giggled when she saw the boys dancing like maniacs. "Ah, I see. Just the usual stuff for a Saturday afternoon." She stopped when she got to the bottom of the stairs and looked at the T.V. screen. "'Ur so Gay'? You guys like this song?" the girl asked.

"Hell yeah!" answered Kagumo. "Although, we are gay." He held Gensho around the shoulders. The blonde nodded. Yumi rolled her eyes and smiled, turning to go back up the stairs. Then she stopped and turned back.

"Gensho-chan," she said. "Reiji-sama wanted to see you." He asked for what. "He has some news." The boys looked at each other with worried looks. Hurriedly, they ran to the stairs and beat Yumi up them, anxious to hear what news the actor had to provide.

"A whole month?!" Gensho shouted at Reiji. The man had told them that he was doing a special movie shoot that was taking place a far ways away, and he would be gone a month.

"I'm sorry Gensho-chan," Reiji said morosely. He patted him on the head. "I promise it'll be over before you know it." The actor smiled and kissed his lover's forehead. "Besides, you have all your friends to keep you company."

"Yeah but…," the blonde whimpered. "Who's gonna love me?" That was just way too cute for Reiji to handle, and he hugged Gensho. They stayed like that for a bit until Gensho asked, "Promise to email me, okay?"

"I promise," answered Reiji. The limo pulled up outside then. "Now I have to go." Gensho let out a few tears, but faced the fact. Besides, he would see him again. He kissed the man on the lips, then let him go and waved. The others had been standing beside them and waved goodbye as well.

Once Reiji was out of site, Gensho began wailing and crying hysterically. His friends made a face and started frantically trying to calm him. Kagumo waved stuffed toys at him (he enjoyed fluffy things), Takano hugged him, and Yumi offered him candy. Still he didn't shut up. They decided to give up.


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