the blood streaked her face in tangled spider webs,
the ruby red crystals cascading down in translucent droplets
and i kissed the rain with bleak lips, the bare feel of tears raw on my teeth.

she fumbles around with half-chewed cigarettes,
the taste of beer stuck to her mouth and her eyes are a clear layer of ebony,
the faded dull indigo of her irises chewed up in agony.

"we're getting there," she breathes, the smoke of her cigarette
dissolving on the killing floor, the rough concrete grinding into her thin black skirt,
her shirt slipped between her gaunt shoulders, the scars fresh.

"yeah, i'm so--" i gnaw on my words as they come out in rough syllables,
the silence slipping of my fingers as it cracks, mashed up like glass hearts.

"don't worry," she smiles at me, her swollen lips bloated between her teeth
"i'm broken enough for the both of us."

an. was a story at first, pretty different but then i stopped for stupid reasons. pretty awkward feel to this, huh.