The thunder

How could you not see?

Why didn't you notice?

All those years

Three long years

Every day

Every single day

I woke thinking of you

When I slept I dreamt of you

Always you

But you didn't see

You didn't know

Every time I saw you I was struck by your beauty

I loved you

Every time we were close my body burned

I earned for you touch

For your lips on mine

For your Body close to mine

For you to hold me tight

To say you loved me

But you didn't see

You didn't know

We were friends

That was all

We were the best friends ever

But that was all

I longed to tell you

I thought about it so many times

Thousands of times I started to say it

Thousands of times

But I couldn't

I was too much

Too much to risk

To lose

I was afraid that it would ruin everything

I was so afraid

So I just went on loving you in secret

Always wondering


That maybe

Just maybe

You might love me too

But I was never sure

Sometimes I was almost certain you did

Other times I knew you didn't

I was so confused

So in Love

It would make my heart stop when you brushed by me

My eyes would glow when you grabbed my hand

Or touched my shoulder

I always wanted to me close to you

It hurt to be separated from you for a moment

But you didn't see

You didn't know